Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies: Character Assassination as Art Form

By James Curcio
I'm sure some of you are following the mockumentary Gonzomentary "Clark" we've been running since early autumn. Now the actors within the show get their chance to speak on what the experience was like. Generally we run this on the site dedicated to that project, or over on Alterati where it is being syndicated, (and iTunes, for those of you with these newfangled devices.)

But this layering relates directly to some of the ongoing discussion here on Modern Mythology, so here are three of those pieces. Enjoy! And check out the series.

Clark On Clark

JC on JC

Dave on Tito

From a phone conversation:

I'm editing Tito's interview now

When did you shoot that?

What do you mean, you were in it... you were actually interviewing him.

What? I don't remember that.

Neither do I, but somehow I have 120 minutes of it on tape.

While we're on this, consider the following, from Aliester Crowley's Book of Lies:


The Universe is the Practical Joke of the General at the Expense of the Particular, quoth FRATER PERDURABO, and laughed.
But those disciples nearest to him wept, seeing the Universal Sorrow.
Those next to them laughed, seeing the Universal Joke.
Below these certain disciples wept.
Then certain laughed.
Others next wept.
Others next laughed.
Next others wept.
Next others laughed.
Last came those that wept because they could not see the Joke, and those that laughed lest they should be thought not to see the Joke, and thought it safe to act like FRATER PERDURABO.
But though FRATER PERDURABO laughed openly, He also at the same time wept secretly; and in Himself He neither laughed nor wept.

Nor did He mean what He said. 

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