Thursday, September 29, 2005


A collection of essays, both practical and autobiographical, which explore the overwhelming levels of interest in magic and shamanism in youth culture.

"These are the voices of the real Harry Potters, delivering the urgent, supercharged manifestos of a new Ultraculture. This is their world and Generation Hex is your invitation to the Party that might just bring the house down.” - Grant Morrison


TOPY broadcast #10

This very special edition is in a large sized (8.5 x 11) paperback book format, just under 100 pages, black and white inside and full color glossy front and back covers, with expert internal layout and design provided by Justice Design.


* Why Harry Potter Eventually Loses to the Black Magician (A Battle Between Aleister Crowley and J. K. Rowling) by Devin Galaudet
* James Curcio's 'Join My Cult' Interview
* Spears of Shiva: The Art of Emmanuelle Brochier
* Why Do Sigils Work? by C340 & AOS
* Banishing and Forgetting with Chaos-Mantra Sigils by Zoser
* "Earth: Inferno"- Luther Blissett interviews filmaker Julian Moguillansky
* Who And What Are Those Egyptian References In Liber Resh? by Soror Lutea
* Maria DeNaglowska, the Sophia of Montparnasse by Tzeenj
* The Baphomet Series of the Order of Lucifer Lust
* Final Secrets of the Orange Path by Darrick Dishaw
* Hillbilly Tantra by James Curcio (note: this is a slightly different version of what will be published next year through Immanion Press.)
* Psychological Art by Zoser
* The Ambidextrous Art of Nemo
* Power Transposition Spell
* Babel by Peter Grey
* and more...

Check it out.


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