Thursday, March 31, 2011

Clark: More Than Just The “Dick Guy”

Johan Ess made a post about Clark that helps frame this and several other projects that have come out of the apartment we are soon to depart from - Clark likely making his way to India.

William Clark is the ultimate Aghori healer for all your shamanistic needs!"I would like to take the opportunity to discuss a highly unique individual who appeared in my life a couple years ago and has remained one of my best esteemed colleagues, post-human mutants, orgone ontologists, or however else you might want to try (but fail) to frame him properly. Many just call him the “Dick Guy”, but I will take the time to deconstruct such a crude generalization of this multifaceted force of nature a little later.
My first encounter with William Clark was in 2009 when the star of my previous post, Rachel Haywire, had him fly down to hang out with us in Fort Lauderdale where I used to live. Our mission was to play and record lots of music, channel wild chaotic spirits, and attend the Fetish Factory 13th Anniversary which was happening at that time.
Clark was someone who would talk about things that got him arrested, along with his experiences traveling in India, and the time he met the benevolent cult leader Raël. Our experience at the bacchanalia of the fetish event was fairly EXTREME, but Clark and I were able to have an existential conversation nonetheless. At some point later on, when the timing was right, we recorded the most absurd chanting possible, which will likely crop up at some point in our further collaboration.
Clark dressed as the Haitian Loa Baron SamediIt was not very long after that I got the fuck out of Florida, seeing as it was a hellish oppressive landscape for an estranged young mutant like myself, and made my eventual landing in a more northern region of glorious Americana. Meanwhile, I noticed that Clark had started posting images dressed as the Baron Samedi along with a perpetual stream of the most mind-bending anecdotes you could possibly stumble across. In the summer of 2010, I made a transpiritual pilgrimage to the North East which allowed me to spend some time in a mysterious underground bunker where the band HoodooEngine was forged and where one could also be known to find Clark."

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