Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Modern Myths Interview with James Curcio on Occult Sentinel

This is a live interview that ran about a month ago on Occult Sentinel, which I realized I didn't pass along here, as I was so focused on working on Clark at the time. (Play through that link or download directly here.) 

In it we talk about The Immanence of Myth, the Gonzomentary Clark, the novel Fallen Nation: Party At The World's End, and HoodooEngine's first album Egowhore. I feel that, my stammering aside, it was a pretty good coverage of that moment in time in terms of what I was working on and kind of usual "work load" I'm trying to get out the door at any given time. 

I hope you enjoy, if you haven't listened already. I also hope to see as many of the contributors here on the site engaged in so many projects so we can get that stuff up here and out to all of you, and I hope you support it. I recently added Rudy Rauben's Medicine Show to the store here on the site, and expect to see many more projects come together over this year.

However: I see the traffic growing and all but the only thing that is going to keep this kind of work going long, bottom line, is your financial support. Please don't forget this. 

A few little updates on those projects: 
  • The Immanence of Myth is getting ready to be proofed and should be on track to be released as hardcopy and ebook by Weaponized in July. Pre-orders are already available. Pick one up. 
  • I am shopping Fallen Nation: Party At The World's End to a number of publishers. I plan on recording an audiobook and have plans for it to become a full transmedia series, but part of that involves partnering with a publisher with the pull and assets to help make that a reality. A version of the book is available right now through Lulu, which I plan to pull when a publisher locks in a 'real' deal with me. I've done this because I know finding the right publisher could take years and I'd like to have the book available to you in the meantime. 
  • Clark is in partial hiatus, as we slowly work on our interview pieces and some B roll material to cut together a film-length version. There have been technical difficulties keeping me from properly post-producing and mastering the sound. Don't get me started. But we'll figure it out. Meantime, enjoy the show! We almost literally killed ourselves for your enjoyment. 
  • HoodooEngine has finally gotten to the point where we are full out mixing many of the tracks for our second album. It is, as I said, heavier, more progressive, and darker in many ways than the first. Johan Ess is taking the helm with the mixing now, as we've been having some hardware issues with our other setups and he did such a banging job with mastering EgoWhore. I'm sure I'll be pestering him throughout the post- process, however.
Pre-order a copy of The Immanence of Myth, published by Weaponized in July 2011.

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