Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fallen Nation Pharmaceutical SEO Games Destroy The World In Revenge Tsunami

You think this panda cares about fucking word counts?
I don't fucking think so. 
By James Curcio
Today has mostly been consumed working on fiction. I'm working on something of an intermission section, in terms of pacing, for Party At The World's End, which draws on material from Babylon Burning. Why? You ask. I know a lot of writers will tell you otherwise but apparently publisher DO care about wordcount. So if it's 55,000 rather than 45,000 words, that's apparently a potential deal-breaker. As if as a writer I couldn't kick up 10,000 words if that was the only thing standing between me and a six figure advance.
Yeah. Right. So let me kick a little of this prose at you even though that's not the standard on this site. Not the final draft but as they... as someone once said, it's "good enough for Jazz." I'll put some of it behind a cut. (And yeah, the protagonist is based on some people I know. Though I'll never say who. And yeah, I know the Pharma iz spooky evil demons out to fill our bodies with their poisons myth is from out in left field.)

So without more bullshit, Here's some steaming hot bullshit

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