Monday, March 21, 2011

Myth as a Weapon: God-Craft

By Dr.Adventure!

Via DC Comics
We live in a culture that often grasps desperately at self creation and improvement. The notion that a person needs to become "better" than they already are is ubiquitous.
Motivated by fear, self consciousness, low self esteem, peer pressure or psychological trauma, people start looking for ways to not suck so hard. This is a double edged sword and in missing the point many are cut by it.

If someone comes to a moment in their life where they are unequivocally fucked by their own actions, it makes sense that they want to change. This comes from an honest assessment of circumstance. If, however, a person is motivated to "improve"
themselves without first understanding their weaknesses, strengths and situation, then they run the risk of weakening themselves by becoming a slave to "Self-Improvement".
How then do we become more than what we are without undermining that change through our insecurities? It starts simple enough, by acting and making decisions from a place of strength.

Guide your actions towards through intimate self knowledge, practical assessment of personal circumstance and courage in the face of the unknown. Please understand that the paths of basic self improvement and Living Mythic are different, but they are paved with the same stones.
I'm not talking about hitting the gym or quitting smoking or not being a lush or not jacking off in public as often; I'm talking about pushing the boundaries of human achievement and Reality itself.
All of these things have something in common: Discipline. Now I know that’s a dirty word to many self styled anarchists and neo-libertines but honestly, how in the fuck do you expect to not be governed without controlling yourself?

Being free to create oneself comes from tapping the primal forces that comprise our reality. These forces are ancient and staggering in their might, but they are malleable. They are shaped through thought and action and power. They are tempered by wisdom and honed through will.

They, like us, are ideas that are alive.

I’ve known many armchair revolutionaries that have spent countless hours on ritual self analysis and debate, hell-bent on transcendence. Some have achieved it and left the armchairs to join the fight.
Others however have no outlet, no focus, no product or art or are just too lazy to be bothered to DO anything or still too scared to BE anything. They are also, of course, perpetually stymied by their own inaction. No matter the heights they've tried to climb to in their heads, they always seem to come up short.

Discipline is the lifelong process of discovery, experimentation, and refinement which is focused by our will and our inherent, if long dormant, drive for greatness. It's about becoming yourself, your most profound and powerful self, more and more with every day. There are just as many forms of discipline as there are people.

Kung Fu translates to something like "Practiced Achievement". It is your skill, your art, your prowess and your love. A persons Kung Fu is whatever they train to be their best at, from cooking to fucking to building birdhouses or driving or poetry or carving bars of soap. Whatever it is, the will to achieve and improve and discover builds the foundations of greatness.

The key components of discipline are Freedom and Control. Liberty to do things one’s own way without apology and iron-fisted conquest of one’s self and mind.

Freedom is often confused with lack of control. Due to prevailing cultural memetics, people equate governance (beit social, political or psychological) with tyranny and acting like a fucking moron, being too lazy to be bothered, or just being generally disagreeable with "Being free".
Freedom comes from hard work, honest insight and tough choices.

The ideas of conquest, domination and control often make people inclined towards "transcendent" states-of-mind bristle. I've seen it with my own eyes. Conquest is generally equated with violence and, as we've all been taught, violence is bad.

Then again, ask someone who’s into hardcore S&M if they feel more in control of themselves or at least more open to expressing themselves after being tied up, beaten and dominated. The process of conquest is about overcoming the forces that hold us back from understanding and actualization through the directed use of force.
Force, if you remember your physics, is what you get when stuff moves around.

Changing your mind, your habits, finding new avenues for expression, meeting new people, or doing things that scare you all force change. Change is not a prize or a gift; it is the result of energetic action and part of the process of refinement that the whole universe is a part of. It is not painless, and rarely easy, but if it’s necessary the alternative is almost always worse.
We live in a glorious and terrifying future where anything is possible, and I mean ANYthing. It’s up to all of us to make
ourselves into what we want and need to be as hard as we fucking can until we drop.

Take your time to figure out where you want to go and start walking. Remember, there’s no one to complain to besides yourself if you get left behind.


  1. Thanks for the article! For the longest time I was definitely stuck in perpetual inaction, and I agree that discipline (or I called habit forming) *is* the way to get the hell out of that downward spiral. It's like kayaking out of a vortex. Also, stay away from people who belittle your ambitions.

    We should neither live in a reality nor in dreams, but right on the edge between the two. It's one of the few effective ways for all of us to push forward the boundaries of human reality.

    (And where is the S&M scene in NYC, btw?)

  2. awesome piece, doc! i appreciate your humor towards some very wise advice. thanks for sharing!



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