Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Sacred Clowns Bring Krampus To Wisconson Protests

Here's some breaking news, as rare as that is on this site. A friend and what I'd call kindred spirit who is featured prominently in the upcoming Immanence of Myth is getting involved in the demonstrations in a way that shows exactly what I'd like to see far more of in the days to come.
Here's from the news:

DATELINE: Madison, Wisconsin, USA. February 25

Sacred clowns came down on Wisconsin state capitol. Protesters unwittingly revived an ancient European sacred clowntradition previously thought extinct in North America. KRAMPUS!, also known as the "henchmen of Saint Nick," were thought to be non-existent in all but a few remote Tyrolian villages, but it seems their population is actually growing "under the radar" in the American midwest spurred on by labor unrest in the face of government corruption there.
And it isn't even Christmas!

"Rudy Rauben their new media manager in Madison. Look soon for http://www.sacredclown.org Where fascism lurks... so will we... but for the people!"

If you don't know anything about Krampus, check out this post I pounded out this past Christmas.
If you're in Wisconsin, I suggest you join forces immediately. The time is now. If not, why the hell not join forces with them through that URL above when it becomes active, or even start organizing Krampus and sacred clown/trickster "crawls" in your local cities? (And by that, I don't mean just march down to the bar. But as for what I do mean... I leave that up to you, and the spirit that overtakes you if you open yourself up to it.) Zombies are so passe, and these tired Unites States of Apathy need a wakeup call the likes of which the Krampus can provide a great deal more than shambling brain-hungry zombies.

I'd like to provide one passing thought on the Krampus. Aside from the Swiss Alps origin of this variant of the myth, which I touch on in the post above, there are some interesting and rather unusual connections with Pan, Dionysus, and the Roman Lupercalia. As this post is being quickly dashed off based on the time-sensitive nature of the activities in question, I leave it to you to connect those dots, though I'm sure I or one of the other contributors to this site will provide some thoughts on those in days to come.

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