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Designer Drugs, the Zombie Apocalypse, and You

homeless bath salts 

A Modest Proposal: 2012

By Rusty Shackleford

Some of you may remember a piece written by myself, no less than a half a year ago, on the potential of chemicals included in head shop designer drugs to chemically lobotomize the user and to effectively dissociate the hind brain from the frontal portions of the brain. The drug would then essentially paralyze the frontal portions of the brain, leaving a human being concerned with only the most rudimentary functions of the limbic brain: fucking, eating, and killing. 

Welcome to 2012. The only difference is that at the time, we postulated that such an effect could be achieved through chemicals sprayed upon "spice" packets sold in headshops containing active agent JWH-018 which is, in and of itself, a fairly unknown quantity. Since then, I have watched with a growing interest as report after report published on the internet, major news networks, blogs and newspaper articles have hit with new details on "zombie cannibalism attacks" generated by "abuse of bath salts, superacid, etc" depending upon whom you ask. Enter "Kapin Trips" (tm).

The substance in question

The following excerpt is from an anonymous tip off I received via the e-mail from a former organic chemist working for a company that I will not name. Suffice to say, he made me very certain of his credentials, and that the company in charge of this operation has its hand in a lot more than just legal recreational drugs: It goes deeper than you could ever imagine, and it is completely horrifying.

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He wrote to me after having read my piece on the use of over the counter or legal head shop drugs in creating armies of drone assassins. He asked me how I knew, and how I had discovered this on my own without any apparent insider knowledge of any of these events transpiring. The following is an excerpt of our communication via e-mail, verbatim except where omissions of titles and names were necessary for anonymity's sake.

 "You know the news reports about that "superacid" shit that is causing all these poor bastards eating each other? Well, that's only partly true. I synthesized "superacid". The research was for [name omitted] company. If you out them publicly they will come after you. These are not the kind of people you want to play around with.
 They were interested in conducting modern day mind control experiments, a bit like MK ULTRA or PROJECT MONARCH. This "superacid compound" was only the tip of the ice berg. I really didn't know why they wanted it specifically, I didn't care. I had assumed it was part of some sort of semi-secretive testing this legitimate pharma company was doing in the background in order to generate a new run of recreational drugs. My compound was the "superacid" compound mentioned in a few news articles. We called it "KAPIN TRIPS" by its trade name.

The second picture of the chemical itself sent to me as attachments.

You have to remember that my drug is not the "zombie chemical" itself, per se. It is a part of the entire cocktail, and the cocktail creates a synergistic effect that is more than the sum of its parts. I knew they wanted it for something related to psychological or behavioral modification- possibly as a new form of coercion for prisoners of war or a new truth syrum. The initial plans were to test in on an unwitting public, but I never knew it would be used like this.
I was interested in creating something like a hideous evil twin for LSD or DMT so I chose to look for a serotonin like structure. All serotonergic hallucinogens have a common structural motif, which is an aromatic ring with a two carbon side chain that terminates in an amine; the aromatic ring in amphetamines is benzene, and the aromatic in tryptamines is indole. DMT and LSD share a tryptamine motif, however the skeleton of LSD is augmented with additional rings. One of the reasons that LSD is so powerful (50 - 200 ug dose compared with 20 - 50mg for DMT) is likely that these rings lock the tryptamine skeleton into the right geometry to interact with the serotonin receptor. I went ahead and modded the tryptamine system with a support ring lifted directly from the LSD skeleton, however I did not use the whole thing, so my compound doesn’t resemble LSD that closely. Oxygen and sulfur ethers are also featured on some rings, and seem to have a potentiating effect. Methoxy groups are found in 5-MEO DMT and Mescaline. I added a 5 -MEO group to my compound for this reason. Psychedelics containing thioethers (sulfur with carbon chains attached) are rare, and extremely unpredictable. All the ones that I know of are synthetic nightmare chemicals that people have unreal experiences on.

4-methylthioamphetamine is similar to MDMA except that I have heard it described as considerably more intense and less pleasant. It was briefly legal in Amsterdam smart shops where it caused several fatalities. So of course, when prompted by  [name omitted], I added a thio group as well.

We extracted the basic chemical from fish, with the exception of the thioethers which were later added to the augmented compound in question. I’d say more, but at this point I already am nervous about my own wellbeing and feel I have said too much.

P.S. - I’d been given a request that the drug, "KAPIN TRIPS",  be dispersable in bath salts for initial testing, and luckily, we could, and did. You only need to protonate the amine group with an acid like HCl, and you have the drug in water soluble form. Its the same thing as the transition between ‘freebase’ cocaine and the Cocaine HCl that republicans prefer. I hope this helps you. Please respect my privacy and I will respect yours.”

-name omitted
I want to go ahead and remind you, at this juncture, that initially I had explained to you in the first article (entitled "I AM A DISINFORMATION AGENT") that the main chemicals for creating zombie powder used to create human zombies was a cocktail of scopolamine, the extract of a black puffer fish, and a few other things.  Compare and contrast this information with the field studies of anthropologist Wade Davis, in addition to the chemical cocktail utilized early on by Hassan I Sabbah, the master of the order of Assassins. (I have written of this elsewhere).

My anonymous source went on to explain to me that the HCl version of the drug could very easily be dispersed through "bath salts" in headshops, in addition to the drug's main psychoactive component MPDV. At this point, we take into account certain news stories in which mention some strange combination of a "superacid" and/or "bath salts" in generating these attacks, and that MPDV or more likely any number of other chemicals sold in "bath salts" have been found to be responsible for a flesh eating bacteria now found in its users...   Formulate your own opinions. Think for yourself, question authority.

 - Bradley the Buyer


  1. dymethil with only one methyl? This is dark science indeed!

  2. If you're implying a typo I wouldn't be surprised. I however am no chemist, though I'm not a total idiot about the drugs I do imbibe...this not being one. :)

    We will see what Bradley has to add. I think this story is just beginning.

  3. The Texas mother incident occurred in 2009. The cage fighter (Jarrod Wyatt) killed his training partner in 2010.

    It's not time to panic. Yet??? Or I guess it is.

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  4. Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous, thanks for starting another urban legend to frighten the trailer-park people. I'll be hearing this nonsense for the next 20 years. This narrative is actually becoming tiresome and stupid. This is starting to make the Monkey-Man scare of New Delhi circa 2001 seem like nothing but a simple quickly passing fad. It sounds to me like somebody is reveling in the fact that they want to manufacture the 'next great urban legend.' "Anonymous" scientists my ass.

  5. Having written this article, I can tell you 1. The molecules and the actual leak were sent to me- I did not design the molecules, nor have I seen them before I received them as file attachments. I am not a chemist, but I could easily foresee a reason why someone would choose to alter a detail.

    2. Don't shoot the messenger.

  6. All known tryptamine/phenethylamine SAR models suggest that this compound is going to be much less active than the Mysterious Gentleman suggests. The racemic parent compound with no 5-methoxy or ethylthio substitutions is known in PubMed as RU-28306 but the article claims it is only equipotent to DMT at 5-HT2 (the active site of LSD is considered to be 5-HT2a - this study was obviously before the eludication of the 5-HT2 subtypes). It is also totally synthetic, no such compound occurs in fish, and moreover no large-scale extraction of rare tropical fish occurs with any regularity.

    7-substitution on tryptamines enhances only toxicity as far as I can see - 5,7 dihydroxytryptamine is a neurotoxin. The 7-substitution motif was discussed in some depth at Bluelight and they concluded that 7-substitution is essentially useless (7-meo drugs are generally inactive). Fuunnily enough the 5-meO 7-etS motif was mentioned there.

    This smells to me like the work of someone who knows just enough SAR to be dangerously incorrect. This compound is totally novel, likely not in production, and with 90% certainty I can say it will lack the claimed "potency", even as a drug cocktail.

    It is already well established among the pharmacology communtiy that "bath salts" are most often cathinone and pyrovalerone derivatives, and that these drugs can recipitate psychosis. Essentially they act as a cross between the mechanisms of action of cocaine and MDMA - powerful mind altering stimulants that can cause hallucinations and psychosis in overdose.

  7. about the methyl thing, one of the methyl groups is pointing toward the viewer in the 3d model and one is pointing away. that picture was rendered using a molecular mechanics force field (cheap crappy way to get an approximate geometry of a molecule) and so it is close to what the molecule should look like in the gas phase. the pink knops, those are representations of orbitals containing pairs of non-bonding electrons (lone pairs, if you know the parlance). still seems unlikely, but then again so did watergate. who knows?

  8. I am a chemist and I am specialized in the chemistry of psychedelic phenethylamines and tryptamines, and I must say this is one big crock of bullcrap, obviously written by some 16 year old that watched too much X-files.

    He actually thinks that adding an ethylthio-group to his monster hybrid molecule will add some of the pharmacodynamics of the 2C-T compounds.



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