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Four Scouts to the New World/ Parts 7-11

By Brian George

The premise, as presented by John Giordano: It is discovered that life can be supported on a pristine planet JUST LIKE THE EARTH located in a distant galaxy. The only difference is that there aren't any humans on the planet. The most evolved animals are apes and monkeys. All the natural resources are the same as Earth. Technology exists to get four people to the planet on a scouting mission. They will stay for one year, planning for the arrival of settlers from Earth.


The One Year Plan

Goals will be set, but never achieved. The one year plan will fall by the wayside. Gifts will be kept in circulation. The seven day work week will go the way of taxes, death and television. Food will be sufficient for each day. Projects will be projected from an unknown source onto clouds.

There will be no permanent leader. Skills judged to be valuable on Gaia 1 may prove useless or destructive. Power relationships will be subject to ongoing negotiation. There will be no external agency to impose rules from above. There will be no police to call. The group (of necessity) will be the judge, the punishment and the refuge.

Echoes will collaborate. The dead will all at once remember how to read. Birds will excavate the crumbling records. Leaders will be the temporary masks through which the voice of the new planet will jump as it clamors to express itself.


Future of the Group/The Open House

Let us say that the purpose of the four scouts to organize a society. Auroras will cause them forget.

Should we not put aside conventional wisdom, and attempt, as dead and resurrected actors, to see the universe anew? Anxious to avoid being ignorant, there is a good possibility that we know too much. The faculty of direct perception works best when there is empty space. It is simple to ask questions. Such as:

Does consciousness begin at birth? Is matter, as we have been lead to believe, inanimate? Are the living truly separate from the dead?

Can animals talk, and can we stretch our language to communicate with pet prehistoric species?

If there is in fact a single universe, if all is one, is there nonetheless a multitude of dimensions stretching above and beyond us? Does the mouth of the Many close on the snake-tail of the One? And is there anything left over if one squares the circlei.e., some static left on the outside of the framework of creation?

Do we create or (simply) read the future? Is it up to us to choose our work, or did a poet, writing on a distant constellation, prescribe what we should one day do?

Are we moved like tearful actors by the story, or is it up to us to revolt against the Zodiac? Should a Paleolithic weapon be employed to drain the energy from a death star? Is the new planet pleased with our performance?

Just how young are we really after 42,000,000 years? And were we old before the present age began?

Is the self an echo of a nonexistent other, racing to remember what is up next on the schedule? Is what was? Is tomorrow now, or is some alternate version of you scheduled to exist?

Is chaos a form of interactive video, projected across the screen of horizontal space, whose mouse the unconscious student is too afraid to touch, and whose laws are guarded by the iron hand of chance?

Did Columbus discover America? Seers orbiting the platforms of Tenoctitlan were in shockto observe that they had lost their strength. They were little more than stick-figures who could not hold on to their shadows. Love’s champions were victorious in their war against hallucination. It was not true then, but would soon be so.

Did Columbus discover anything that did not belong to others? The answer is yes/ no. He did promote, if not invent, the living and still dangerous phenomenon of the New World as a myth.

Should we impose our obsessions on a foreign planet, however much it looks like Gaia 1? How often are we given a real chance to start over? Operated by remote control, and bent beneath a technocratic shadow, do we know what a community is?

How far down must the astronaut dig to locate evidence of his origins?

Do we know where human beings are from? What are they for, and what work they were made to do? What do you and your supernatural double really think about the experiment?

Is the center aimed so as to turn through the circumference? Would the great assembly beyond space agree?

Is homo faber a drunken god, who the demiurge had sentenced to hard labor in the mines?

It is perhaps time for the slave to take revengeby living well.

Ecstasy is a must. Direct vision will restore all of the information fossilized in the 26,000 year precession of the equinox.

Omens will remove the camouflage nets from the ziggurats of the birds.

The purpose of the four scouts is to actively do nothing, to let go of their fears, to prepare the ground for the revelation of a planetary myth. Yogic discipline will then open them to signs. Nature will awaken the giants that a curse had once imprisoned beneath geology.

A myth cannot be created from whole cloth, but a new society cannot be born without one. It would have no reason to exist. When, due to a catastrophe, the Turks began to search for a new home on the Earth, a star appeared to the left of a crescent moon, to lead them across the breadth of Central Asia. Fish jumped into their hands as they marched on the Black Sea.


The new planet is the egg that a determined myth will fertilize. The child of Gaia 2 will improvise a patois. He will stage a revolution. No more nostalgia! The figure 8 will become the new image of the beloved. The intelligence behind the archaic smile will return.

Is the child male or female? Is the soul the same sex as the body? The preexistent engineers would know. A key will be needed to unlock their lips, and a map to the city that they built inside an atom. Opening her arms, the golden child of the waters will laugh. Her heart will serve as a meeting place for all actors that the myth had dispossessed. She is the shadow of a haunted empire, branch to birds, a riverbed to the constellations. She will teach to us the art of indigenous dance.


Interspecies marriage will reconstitute the genome scarred by hyperspace. I brood on a concept of nonexistence, whose time has not yet come.


An excerpt from "The Annals of Seth"

In those days they constructed out of alloy cones. Quartz led chaos in a world scale revolution. Fractals were triumphant. A space ship was used to cross the breadth between two nerves. A jump of two bands on an octave was thought of as a gulf. At the speed of light a signSTOP.

Top experts had determined: Time goes one way and that way is forwards. Pithecanthropus evolves in a straight line to the present. Knowledge goes only up.

Most babies did not travel past the sun or live to celebrate their hundredth birthday.

In the year 2012 big news: "Footprints have been found on Mars!" They were, exactly, where the earlier versions of themselves had left them. Only Mars was different. The aqueduct and dome had been destroyed in a rampage of hallucinating birds. Rust covered the centrifuge. Water was occult, and all lost species were expressed in code. Dark energies flowed through the labyrinth of canals. Great works of cyclopean genius now looked like any other natural formations.

Not yet found the law: One body is equal to the square of space. Soon futurism would invent an algorithm that would let them deconstruct the true genius of the macrocosm. The most archaic mode of transport is also the most efficient. Closed curves lead from zero to the circumference. Orange lights flash. A detour has been staged by Metatron.

(Illustration: Brian George, Snake with lotus tail, 1992)

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