Friday, April 28, 2006

Another Joins the Blogosphere.

My good friend Jason Stackhouse has finally entered the 21st century and is keeping a blog.

We've worked together on a number of projects you may have already enjoyed (such as Join My Cult!, Fas Ferox, and Chasing The Wish. I get the sense he has more brewing too that he's not yet let on to. He's also whooped my ass in chess more times than I'd care to think about.

I suggest you keep tabs on it.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mind Driver 2 Update

Most people’s first question is generally, “how does it work?”

The simple answer is that the MD2 sends specifically timed, alternating light and sound signals to the brain which trigger a corresponding effect there. This effect is often referred to as “entrainment.” Technically this is the process whereby two connected oscillating systems with similar periods fall into synchronicity. The system with the greater frequency slows down, and the other accelerates. Similar synchronization can be witnessed when a tuning fork that has been struck and is oscillating at a particular frequency is brought into the vicinity of a second tuning fork. The second tuning fork, although not struck, will begin to oscillate at precisely the same frequency as the first.

This isn’t “science fiction”—think about. All your brain does all day and night is respond to patterns of light and sound. Have you ever taken a train somewhere, and found that you slipped into a deep, almost sleep-like trance? A combination of the frequency of the sound, rocking motion of the cabin, and the regular, knocking noise of the tracks below are some of the environmental effects which create this state of mind. You witness a similar effect while staring at a fire… or even a television.

These are very simple, every-day examples of some of the principles that make the MD2 work, except the MD2 provides far greater control over those variables. The possibilities are only truly limited by your imagination, and receptivity.

Listen to my conversation with Joseph Matheny about Join My Cult!, and the use of this device in its creation.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Keeping in touch

To get emails from this blog sign up here. This is just an announcement list, you won't get bombarded with endless horrible conversations.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Comics Get Real

Chasing The Wish: Book One.

You can now sign up to be notified of the pending release of Book One, as well as special offers and online content.


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