Monday, March 14, 2011

This Just In: Japanese Tsunami Was Caused By Pearl Harbor

If You Can't Read This And Can't Be Bothered To Click It:
This Is A Photograph of Humans Being Totally Tarded.
I know some of you may find this horrible and offensive. Yeah, sure. It's both of those things I suppose. But that's not what blows me away.

What blows me away is how incredibly incoherent this statement is: HOW BOUT THAT, JAPAN! YEAH! PEARL HARBOR! BOO YA! 

What? The degree that this demonstrates a complete and total failure on the part of education is far and away beyond any complaint of bigotry. This isn't a bigoted position. This is heroic, herculean, statistically improbable stupidity. 

These people either actually believe that somehow plate tectonics are controlled by politics, or that there is some kind of American War God, and that he was Angered by Pearl Harbor, and has been waiting until now to "strike." 

Neither of these are good options. "Karma," of course, is kind of a half-assed blend of these two positions. "Like, yeah the politics of a World War somehow caused this thing cause I guess Karma and stuff cause you kicked our butts." It's a really tepid, bullshit position on top of being incoherent. 

Our education system is really, really hurting, guys. Please. Someone. Fix it. Humans are brokened. (Disinfo article) 

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