Monday, May 28, 2007

Comic Con Backroom Meetings

(I'll have to remember to bring some single malt scotch.)

From Anna's myspace blog:

I'm finding that things for Fas Ferox are finally aligning to progress to the next stage of its evolution. Two of the creators of Machinima (a video-game platform technology being used to make feature films) are showing extreme interest in a possible merger with Fas Ferox, bringing us into an interactive multimedia format at long last. They are flying in from the UK to San Diego at the end of July (when we are there for Comicon) to meet with me, several of the FF crew and Neil Gaiman to discuss the possibilities.

Anyway, we'll see what comes of it. At the least, I'm excited to meet Neil. He was one of my 'artistic heros' when I was younger. These days I don't so much have heros, but I still have incredible respect for him, and his work. I was going to keep this under my hat publically but since the beans have already been spilled, I can't help myself.

Accurate & oddly familiar observations on the medium

* And just a thought: if you’re an sf writer grappling for space in one of the fiction magazines for seven cents a word or whatever the rate is now — what exactly are you losing by teaming with writers of like mind, going to the web and convincing a friend to work out the monetising bells and whistles for you?

Full article.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer Itinerary

Will be at the following events (representing Alterati and Mythos Media.)

June 15-17 Wizard World Convention in Philadelphia

June 21-24 Gaian Mind Summer Festival (psytrance, drumming, dance, presentations by people like Daniel Pinchbeck, I'll see if I can sneak in an interview with him...)

July 25-29 Comic Con in San Diego

August 10-12 Esozone in Portland

MAYBE Aug 31 - Sept 3 Dragon Con in Atlanta.

Hope to see some of you there.

Daily Grind (not the song)

The manuscript for the first edition of Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning has been completed, now it's moving into the layout process. Seems we did meet our deadline with that. We're working very hard to get ourselves prepared for Comic Con San Diego. We won't have a table this year, but a lot of interesting things are nevertheless in the works.

I'm moderately hung over (psytrance party with Gaian Mind), and it's stick-to-your-chair hot in here right now- so that's all you're getting out of me for the moment.

First Person First Friday (#2)

By the time I hit the streets of Philadelphia’s First Friday, things were already bustling. In these parts, the crowd hits suddenly, and it hits hard.

I staggered out of the car and looked around. What first caught my attention was not the galleries themselves, it was the clusters of artists outside of them- sitting cross legged, standing, even literally jumping and dancing.

Music from groups of street performers created coherent and then chaotic poly-rhythms, mingling with shouting from sidewalk to sidewalk, and the honking of car horns as people endlessly circled the congested streets in a desperate search for parking.

Full article on

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

DIY Music Video Contest

Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the means to produce media. We have YouTube, Photoshop, relatively cheap amp modellers, digital video cameras, etc. etc. However this accessibility does not provide something worth saying, nor does it provide us with the skill to present it well. As always, that takes time and effort, and with the glut of content now pumping through the Internet, it can be very hard to sort through it.

This is in part why Alterati exists. As an initial litmus test of what kind of media chops you people have, I came up with an idea for this contest.

For details, read on.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fallen Nation: Welcome To The Apocalypse

Only on

This will be a continuing series, a page of the comic here a week, as we produce it. When it’s done, we’ll offer the whole thing for free as a PDF.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Black Osiris

There's so much going on right now that I can barely keep up myself, let alone pass it along... I'm preparing to get Mythos Media off the ground for real, and everything that entails- trying to prep for Comic Con (hopefully I'll return with stories of a trip for sushi with Mr. Gaiman), Alterati is taking off, looks like I am co-writing & producing a film with Invictus Films though I can't give public details on that for a while, and... to top off the insanity, after my root canal my tooth is hurting like a bitch whenever I eat.

So, here's a little something I haven't really been reporting on at all... mostly because it's a side project, that just kind of happens when it happens. Several years ago, I had all of these realizations about the Osiris - Dionysus - Jesus myths while under the knife (and a whole lot of morphine), and these turned into a series of essays that I wrote - first for some classes in college, and then later, with some minor editing, for a couple small publications. (One of these here.)

One night I was up late and wrote these joke rap lyrics for it, and several years later Eianorange adapted them into a track, which is presently still in progress. (You can hear a rough here.)

Then Nate Sampsel came to me saying he was working on something in the Black Osiris vein... and, along with Johann Ess, this track has been the result. (The vocals still need a little production work, but it's close enough to share.) Nate did the guitar synths and some of the skeleton/slicing, J0hann Ess did some more synths and vox, I did percussion/bass/production.

My hunch is that eventually this'll become a collaborative/concept album, possibly released through the Mythos Media imprint. We'll see.

As I've said, In other news, I'm totally exhausted, going through withdrawal from my (legally prescribed thank you) pain meds, and now it hurts when I eat.


Friday, May 04, 2007

First Person First Friday (#1)

I'll continue syndicating some of the alterati articles here for a little while-

First Friday has become something of a phenomenon nation-wide. For years now, galleries open their doors, street musicians and artists flock by the hundreds, and thousands of gallery-goers flit from location to location, quickly intoxicating themselves on free, cheap wine. It’s hard to say how many pieces actually sell on nights like this, but it is definitely something that helps vivify an art scene, and allows us artists to rub elbows and get the hell out of our studios for a night so we can see what our contemporaries are up to. In this short article I can’t possibly hope to track down the root of this phenomenon - aside from it just being good business, and a damn good time - but I do know from personal experience that this isn’t restricted to just one city or state.

So I wanted to begin this column, wherein I will be exploring First Fridays firsthand, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Digg it.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Broken Saints: Alterati Exclusive Interview

With Broken Saints, Brooke and his small team of self-taught mavericks almost single-handedly transformed their creative vision into a strange and beautiful narrative reality… a Flash-animated graphic novel epic that transcends its roots on the Web to become one of the most celebrated cult masterpieces of the digital era. Told in byte-size installments over the course of three years, the entire 24-episode Broken Saints saga is now assembled in a comprehensive four-disc collector’s set DVD, released this Fall for the first time internationally thanks to a grant from Telefilm Canada and the distribution muscle of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Resembling a “graphic novel brought to life,” Broken Saints is a hypnotic visual feast that fuses art with comic-style text, deeply compelling story, haunting music and cinematic effects into a revolution in modern storytelling that is “eye-popping…innovative…mesmerizing” (Entertainment Weekly), “impressionistic, moody, lyrical” (National Public Radio) and a “brooding piece of web noir” (Wired). A testament to the incredible narrative freedoms of Flash animation as well as the influence of the Internet as a creative force, the original web premiere of Broken Saints has received over five million visitors, universal critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the Audience Award For Online Animation at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival and Producer Of the Year at the 2005 Canadian New Media Awards.


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