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WANTED: Genius Lunatic Mythmakers and Cultural Creators.

There is no "we." But if there were, it'd be a group comprised of situationist collectives, sacred clowns, hive brains, corporate and academic moles and sleeper agents, ontological terrorists, unlicensed psychologists, toxic armchair philosophers, and out-and-out sex and drug fiends. Our books are making their ways into classrooms and subway cars, our albums are tunneling into someone's earholes on the other side of the planet right now. However you want to label us, we'll take it and keep upping the ante. We'll use whatever angle will give us the spin we're looking for at that moment from the media.

What is our goal? On our brochures it says our goal is : "To collectively explore and facilitate the production of modern mythology."

But those brochures are for suckers. You're not a wheezing hirsute pachyderm, right? Of course not.

So we'll give you the truth.

We want to get you thinking in new ways. We want you to get us thinking in new ways. We want to help you get to wherever it is that you want to go, without necessarily even knowing who we are. We are the Party At The World's End. Writers, philosophers, musicians, artists. Individuals uncomfortable with simple labels and boundaries.

If traffic goes through the roof and it can help us market our Amazing Projects in the process, good. Use us to help us use you. The purpose of this site is for projects in progress, and tracking cultural ideas as they form. Have a cigar.

  1. You know how to take any idea, any story, and look at it from a cultural standpoint. You know how to engage with it personally and blow up that engagement to a cultural level and vice versa. The latter thing comes with practice but the former is easily tested by reading this page. Make sense?
  2. You must be "Absolutely Bitchin'" or "A Fucking Warlock." Or both. Don't worry, we're easily duped. 
  3. You are a "cultural creator," or you'd like to be one when you grow up. It doesn't matter what mediums you work in.
  4. You have enough knowledge of the web and/or HTML to post on a basic blogging platform without breaking the Internet.
  5. You have the ability to follow some very simple posting "best practices" and actually remember them before you click "submit."
  6. You have a desire to share and spread around one's own contributions. Self promotion, nepotism, SEO knowledge, serious Social Networking pimpage. All of these things are not only condoned here, they are encouraged. (Also, if you can somehow mix some kind of sex act into your daily work routine, that is bonus points.) 
  7. Finally, you have absolute, unflinching commitment to your own work, and a recognition that by bringing others into your process here, you are also serving that work. In other words, we ask for your absolute commitment to your passion, or your myth, or whatever it is that makes you feel alive when you're doing it. We want you to grab it firmly by its hair. If you don't even know what your passion is yet, go and find it. Then come to us.
  8. One other thing: don't forget to familiarize yourself with the material here. Pick up at least one of the books, or read 20 or 30 of the almost 1000 articles that have been published here before submitting. 
  1. Mutual Benefit
  2. We all get to share the audience that we collectively bring here. As all advertisers know, engaged eyeballs = ?... well, if not money, then at least an audience. Which could mean money, but could also mean friends, adoring fans, or death threats. It really all depends, doesn't it? 
  3. If you contribute here, you can advertise here. The best way to do so, however, is through engagement, not through ad banners. Yeah, we use them, but as the web grows, engagement is becoming increasingly crucial. What does "engagement" mean? I don't know. Why don't you write a 15 part series about it?
  4. At present, you will not be paid to post. This site reaches approximately 20,000-30,000 people a month. (As of March-April 2011.) If we increase that by a factor of 10 or 100, our payment policies may change.
  5. This site is meant to be a springboard for the discussion, analysis, and creation of modern, living myths. That means taking it out off the Internet as well. 
  6. All the material you run here is Creative Commons 3.0. And it remains yours. We don't care about "first rights." And we certainly aren't providing your "last rights." 
  7. If you have no idea what any of this means, then we probably aren't for one another. 
Still interested? Wow, you must really be nuts. Read through the past few pages of content so you have a sense of what we are doing here. If you are still interested, contact the website wrangler jamescurcio AT gmail DOT com.

And we've kept this page long because we want to make sure you have an attention span. When you submit, include the phrase "snapdragon jamkrumpets" in the subject line or body of your first email to prove it.

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