Saturday, August 13, 2011

One True TOPI Tribe Compilation (coming soon) and Thee Uncondemning Monk

Greetings, and please spread the word. Thee Uncomdemning Monk (Aglaeca & St. Stephen) writes you to tell you about a new experimental compilation from the One True TOPI Tribe. It is worldwide in scope and will be realized on August 23, 2011, when 200 downloads will be made available for those to make their own official versions of said album (in any way you see fit)... there will be bonus material, such as a video made by Z (me) as Thee Uncondemning Monk. Here are a list of links in regards to this project, we have been working hard to promote this in college radio and underground outlet from Discogs to ColdStone (in the UK), to Binghamton University, NY and to many other NY State Collage radio stations, and that is just my promoting of the album... there is at least 15 people that made this work a reality.

If you review music and would like to do a review of the album, please let us know. I would not mind an interview, and would spread the word to other on the album, also if you would like to DJ the album, give it airplay, we have a special section for that, and I can email that information to those who would be serious in giving this work some air-play, even if a shoutcast station...

Anyway, without further ado:

The ONE TRUE TOPI TRIBE Compilation (bandcamp)

Thee Uncondemning Monk (bandcamp) and Thee Uncondemning Monk (blog)


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