Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Apocalyptic Imaginary

Toward a Psycho-Philosophy of History

Prof Rowan is teaching a course at Binghamton College by this name which includes The Immanence of Myth in its curriculum. The whole reading list looks interesting.

I will be joining him up there in October to co-teach 2 classes, 10/11 and 10/13, unless we re-schedule. I plan to record those conversations and podcast them here.

I also hope that more professors choose to incorporate this book, the work we are doing here on the Modern Mythology site, and forthcoming books such as the forthcoming Best of Modern Mythology 2011 anthology in future classes. We plan on bringing a new interdisciplinary approach to the study of these overlapping issues.

More on the basis of that thinking here.

The Immanence of Myth is in final layout now and will be available on Amazon very soon.

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