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Machiavellian Social Metaphysics, pt. 1

By Rusty

An Analysis of Machiavellian Social Metaphysics: Being the first step towards constructing a Bible of Self Empowerment. (Pt. 1)

"Learn to be cruel, learn to be dry, learn to survive."
-John Fowles, The Magus

I have to apologize to you, the reader, for my typically highly self-indulgent and subjectively personal narratives and style of writing. I've had a few skeletons to clean out of my closet (or perhaps more accurately, dead hookers to clear out of my crawlspace) and you will be happy to know that I have found Christ and a new wonderful antipsychotic that is the chemical equivalent to a full-frontal lobotomy. This has given me a new and heightened sense of clarity. So I would like to take a break from my typically rambling and deliberately insulting style of derivative prose to deliver to you a bit of neatly encapsulated and summarized sociopolitical philosophy based upon the writings of Machiavelli, excerpts from Robert Anton Wilson's "Prometheus Rising" on "How To Brainwash Friends & Robotize People", and William S. Burroughs' "Revised Boy Scout Manual" among others. My plan is to work through this piece in installments, as I see fit and when I am properly motivated (send Peruvian cocaine, preferably uncut with flesh-eating chemical agents, to Rusty Shackleford, C/O Modern Mythology and/or JC).

A careful reading of Machiavelli can provide us with a better understanding not only of modern day politics on a global level, but also a way of formulating strategy to be more highly effective as a sociopath (er... "Extreme Individual.") Also, it is worth noting that I have never, nor would I ever advocate a violent or hostile takeover of the state or federal government and that all of the information here is provided for *aherm* "educational purposes". Moreover, I am providing this information as a means of pulling back the curtain on certain global hegemonies and power structures. As with anything, a hammer can be used to build a house or bash a human being's skull in.

So, without further ado:
"It is indeed true, however, that after one has conquered a rebellious territory a second time, it will be less easily lost, for the ruler, using the rebellion as his excuse, will be the less reluctant to establish himself solidly by PUNISHING DEFECTORS [emphasis mine], uncovering suspects, and strengthening his position wherever it is weak." -Machiavelli.

How can this relate back to America and its dealings with the "terrorist" threats posed to it within its own border? Substitute the word "rebellion" with "terrorism" and you see that after one or two major threats or attacks, people are a lot more easily coerced into selling their liberty down the river for more "security" or how it can quickly become justifiable for a ruler of an empire to do away with things like habeas corpus or human rights using previous threats as justification.

Also, there is a psychological and internal implication to this: Once your weaknesses have been discovered and usurped by the army of your own internal defectors, or unbalanced elements of the personality (compulsions, weaknesses, demons, qliphoth, whatever you would like to call them), you learn to respond to the threat appropriately and recognize it before it happens- crushing the opposition more effectively having learned firsthand from your mistakes.

Machiavelli teaches us that in a mixed principality, the prince or the ruler enters into the new area he is attempting to annex and he obviously meets a lot of new resistance. People don't like change.

So what causes the prince to lose these territories initially are normally two things: the people of the area being resistant to his soldiers obtrusively entering into the area in a way that isn't subtle, and the soldiers of his army defecting when their expectations are not met.

How to prevent these two things: Either occupy the area under false pretenses or in a subtle, covert way, or have the soldiers directly win over the people they want to conquer. Make the presence of your army (or assassins, political dittoheads, brainwashed sleeper agents, initiates, or pawns) as unobtrusive and clandestine in its appearance as possible. This can be achieved through infiltration of the corporate structure, the political structure, the subversion of religious or social movements, or through simply hiding in plain sight. It is essential, when viewing this strategy from a would-be revolutionary perspective, to have your visible organization or front for your underground to be as visibly beyond reproach both legally and ethically as is possible.

The other step to take is to keep your soldiers happy, which means promising them reasonable rewards for their services versus unreasonable ones, and to provide them with what few real provisions you can afford. Do not make promises you cannot keep (IE "the end is in sight," when it clearly isn't, "the mission is accomplished," when it clearly isn't, "we are bringing freedom to these people", when we clearly aren't, etc.)

If you do promise them what you know to be unreasonable or unrealistic in terms of probable outcome, make sure that your army cannot verify for itself that what you are promising them is beyond their reach. An effective example of this technique would be the myth of Hassan I Sabbah, master of the assassins, who promised his drug addled and supposedly brainwashed initiates paradise in return for martyring themselves in his army. One can draw an analogy here to any of the world's major Abrahamic religions, and perhaps more notably, modern politics... (As if most of the time the two were not completely interchangable.)

Machiavelli stresses that a recently annexed state is more easily governed when it is either a part of the same region or united with the persons of said region through a common or shared spoken language. This shows us that linguistics, spoken and written words, transmit ideas shared in common among those who speak them and a common language ensures that it is easier to win over the minds of those you wish to control. If I say, "bow wow," and you say "meow", we are both walking away from the interaction thinking that the other is a little less skilled in communication than ourselves.

The way to avoid this, in terms of winning over the minds of anyone you would wish to influence, is to speak their language or their jargon. Doing this, or converting individuals to your patterns of speech, mannerisms, or symbol systems is a surefire way to transmit ideas more effectively. In the instance of political domination, we have the example of Pope Gregory who established the Congregatio de propaganda fide as the missionary arm of the Roman Curia. This organization served as a missionary group to spread the Roman empire far and wide using the memetic virus called "Catholicism" as its vessel. The word "propaganda" originates from this source.

To secure the minds of the people you are wishing to influence, you need only find a way to bury the memories of past rulers or persons who had influence previously (former presidents, political regimes, religious leaders, teachers, parents, family, friends, cultural icons, and so forth) and to find a point of homeostasis in the current conditions, keeping them relatively stable for the appropriate amount of time. Machiavelli tells us: "When there is no distinction of custom, men will live quietly."

We may find an example of this, as Machiavelli tells us, in Burgundy, Brittany, Gascony, and Normandy, which were all parts of France at the time in which The Prince was written. In practical and modern terms, we see the imitation of these procedures in the mantra droning and herd dynamics of many a religious or sociopolitical cult or movement. We see the suppression of true individuality in favor of groupthink jingoism and partisan favoritism in many organizations that externally champion ideas such as self-liberation, self-empowerment, or freedom of the individual.

In practice, many of these organizations find themselves falling back on mantras, slogans, hero worship and cult/herd mentality. Worth noting, such groups also tend to consciously or unconsciously serve to isolate the aspirant from the influence of friends, family, and outside societal influences. Sometimes this is a valuable skill for the aspirant to learn, i.e. in the case of learning to quiet external voices or influences and discover one's own true potential. More often than not, such isolation is not consciously willed by the individual but imposed upon them through rigid hierarchy, intentionally created language barriers (third circuit semantic brainwashing) and the generation of an "in crowd." Point aside being, once the aspirant agrees upon the language used specifically by the system in question, they are hooked.

I will pause here to interject a relevant bit of commentary on Robert Anton Wilson's "HOW TO BRAINWASH YOUR FRIENDS & ROBOTIZE PEOPLE". In this chapter of his "Prometheus Rising" RAW lays out a somewhat neutral expose on how "brainwashing" is performed on an individual and societal level. We will view this process in this particular context as being an instrument of control and something to recognize and stamp out. Obviously, these techniques can also be utilized to mentally influence or coerce weaker individuals. Buyer beware.

Wilson notes, quite rightly, that "when the bio-survival circuit flashes danger, all other mental activity ceases." What this means in practical terminology is that the moment an individual feels that their life or physical wellbeing is threatened, they are much more easily manipulated than otherwise. This should be studied in context with "terrorist" attacks and their use as collective trauma-based programming.

Earlier in this book, Wilson ties in the concept of physical currency to the primal bio-survival circuit in human brain development. What does this mean to you and I? This means that we are born into a system which inherently tells us to place some sort of validity or worth in a concept that is essentially meaningless, particularly since now there really isn't much value to a piece of paper and all money seems to be headed towards the direction of credit anyway. There is one privately owned organization in America (the Federal Reserve) that directly monopolizes, controls and manipulates the production of currency and can generate economic collapse, recession, inflation, and depression at Will. We often find ourselves slaving away at jobs we hate, perpetually nerve-wracked, overworked and terrified of not making end's meat. This may or may not be an intentional attempt to control our thoughts and our behavior through inflicting fear on the collective populace. Practically speaking, however, this is the effect the consensual work machine has on us regardless of whether or not it is deliberate.

Beyond this, the "mechanical nature of the bio-survival circuit is of key importance in brainwashing. To create a new imprint, reduce the victim to an infantile state, i.e., first-circuit vulnerability." If you wish to control the behavior of an individual or group of individuals, you need only fabricate a threat or exaggerate previously existing dangers and offer an "antidote" to the problem you yourself have created. Now that I am thinking clearly, I have no recollection of ever sinning the moment I was born because an imaginary snake convinced a rib-woman to tell a man made of clay to eat a magical apple, but apparently now I have to be saved by a guy who may or may not have even really existed being nailed to a chunk of wood and if I do not accept this as literal truth I will burn forever in a lake of fire. What gives?

Unfortunately, some of our earliest memories are of religious authorities, teachers, and parental figures beating these imprints into our heads vehemently until we are so tortured and terrified that it is beyond the vast majority of us to even feign at thinking rationally.

Typically, this deeply imprinted irrational fear on the bio-survival circuit is accompanied by a deliberately induced Stockholm Syndrome, and this can sometimes directly or metaphorically involve a process of being "reborn" psychologically and re-indoctrinated into the local tribal customs and mannerisms. Dr. John C. Lilly, among others, have written extensively on the role of sensory-deprivation in the process of generating new psychological imprints and have noted that "only a few hours of pure isolation may be necessary before hallucinations begin. These hallucinations, like those of psychedelic drugs, indicate the breaking down of previous imprints and the onset of vulnerability to new imprints." The subject is stripped of all external comforts, loved ones, and particularly of maternal figures, thereby artificially generating a sense of infantile helplessness. The new imprints on the subject can be very easily induced after this processed has occurred. "The first human being who appears to the subject after this isolation can easily become bonded as the mother-substitute, or, next best, as a father-substitute" (Stockholm Syndrome.)

Once this initial work has been performed, it is usually quite easy to indoctrinate the subject into third circuit neurosemantic maps of the collective, IE shared language, jargon, and symbol systems. This takes care of the mental programming and neatly encapsulates Machiavelli's somewhat primitive observations on the necessity of maintaining a shared language in a mixed principality.

So far, I have outlined the ways in which Machiavelli illustrates the seizure of power through the manipulation of language and perception. Let us turn from the use of linguistic manipulation as a form of systemic oppression, and towards the use of these techniques to liberate the people if utilized by the shrewd and opportunistic would-be revolutionary. To deviate slightly from the Machiavellian theorems highlighted above, William S. Burroughs puts forth his five essential conditions for the establishment of a new revolutionary paradigm in his "Revised Boy Scout Manual," which in itself seems to be a revised interpretation of a Machiavellian approach towards the seizure of temporal power.

Not surprisingly, these five conditions are all in line with the Machiavellian principles outlined above, only from the perspective of the anarchist/eristic clash against the aneristic ruling class and aristocracy. The 5 foundations for the creation of a new revolutionary paradigm according to Burroughs' are as follows:

1. Create a new calendar, one which does not relate to or at the very least can assimilate and thus neutralize the customs and holidays of the previously existing culture you are trying to eradicate. Obvious examples of this technique as utilized by the Empire are the holidays Easter (derivative of Ishtar, an ancient goddess and a pagan fertility celebration) and Christmas (Winter solstice, Saturnalia as celebrated by the Romans). In this way, we can see how the manipulation of customs and language can reform global thought and behavior. Energy follows attention.

2. Replace the system of language currently used with a new language. This is fairly straightforward, and has already been explained in the plainest and simplest manner above. Obviously, we see the more extreme examples of this tactic in certain areas of Vietnam and Africa, being subjugated to French rule and converted to speaking French. In terms of the modification of belief structures instilled by local language and tribal customs, we can see an alchemical fusion of Catholic theology and ancestral African spirituality in modern day Voudon. A more banal and mundane example would be internet jargon and lulzy meme slop regurgitated by your average dipshit subscriber. The word "Google" is now an acceptable English word when used as a verb in the new Merriam-Webster dictionary. Experiment. Create your own language. Spread it like the HIV.

(It is worth noting a basic tenet in Hermetic philosophy: to possess the true name of a thing is to have power over it. In layman's terms, if you control the words of the people, you control the people who use them.)

3. Destroy and neutralize the gods of the people you wish to destroy. This, again, is fairly self-explanatory. Recall the example of the Voudon religion as mentioned above, although this backfired for the missionaries when the imposition of their Catholic dogma did not successfully destroy the ancestral Loa of the African religion but provide a new framework to codify them as various Catholic saints. The effect was that the old religion did not die but rather superficially allowed itself to be assimilated into a hostile environment, in order to camouflage itself. Perhaps a more grassroots and modernized example of this would be the church burnings in Norway as perpetuated by the then burgeoning black metal community. At times, violent opposition must be met with violent resistance. Use your brain.

4. Destroy the machinery and bureaucracy of the people you wish to destroy. Unmake the society's cultural customs, official channels for conducting business, and jam their means of communication. Destroy its records. Destroy the records of the records, and the records of its existence.

5. Confiscate land, wealth, and temporal power from enemy forces. Ban the use of enemy jargon, language, belief structures, religion, and customs. Finally, provided you have taken the first four steps successfully, you should theoretically be met with little opposition in stripping the enemy of their land and wealth. Those who wish to be spared of having their assets completely stripped from them will be made to integrate into the new societal structure.
While taking this into consideration, two things should be kept in mind: This writing is an instructional treatise attempting to synthesize various ideas on the seizure of physical power. At present, the author will not advocate physical violence as a means of doing so, and will not be held responsible for the actions of others. Secondly, it is advisable that the reader take these words of Machiavelli to heart: Human beings can "avenge light offenses; they cannot avenge severe ones; hence, the harm one does to a man must be such as to obviate any fear of revenge."

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