Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elite Reptilian Overlords Like Eating Our Brains Cold

Title taken from the lyrics to Thee Aeon Falls:

The idea of reptilian aliens that rule the planet is of course on its face patently absurd, yet it is a myth that has driven a wide range of fictional media (V, Sitchen's various novels, etc), as well as a surprising number of people who believe it quite literally, especially those that buy Icke's implicitly anti-semitic model of reptilian aliens.

As I said in the Immanence of Myth,

"...Zecharia Sitchin has written several books about the “true” origin of Sumerian mythology: aliens. Th is, or the mythology of planet Niburu, is a wonderful modernization of ancient mythic elements, but considered as empirical fact, one may as well buy into the hollow Earth theory. Th e author David Icke takes it a step further: aliens, or reptilians, exist in the world today and control the world economy. Though there is some truth to the argument from ignorance “the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence,” that doesn’t mean either of these scenarios are even remotely likely in a factual or historic sense..."

So let's look a little deeper at this as a myth, and at some of the ideas that exist in what we might call the connective tissue of these ideas. Reptilians are of course cold-blooded, and they do not nurture their young. If you've ever spent time with a lizard or bird, you can get a sense of the consciousness at work behind their similarly cold eyes. It calculates, it measures, it ponders and waits, and most of what it is contemplating is food and danger. So too with mammals, but there is something uniquely... reptilian... about the way that a lizard does it, isn't there?

Studies have shown, interestingly enough, that empathy is a trait that gets reduced in the wealthy classes. One can only imagine that in the top 1%, many of them must have a downright reptilian disposition. It isn't much of a stretch. They don't need to originate from a far off planet X on some massive elliptical orbit: the worst atrocities humans have suffered have been, with the exception of plagues and natural disasters, at the hands of other humans. There is something especially awful about these cruelties, because they could have been averted.

What kind of cold-bloodedness does it take to order the genocide of millions, as has happened time and again throughout history, often for no crime other than having the misfortune of being born in a politically unfavorable spot? That such genocides are often carried out by obedient proles, by the lower classes themselves, that the lower classes often tear themselves apart, and burn their own homes when they riot, is a further bewildering horror - but all of it begins with the reptilians, the cold snake eye that feels no need for mother's breast, for warm companionship or compassion. It kills, hunts, and grows without those feelings, such that we are all more than a little surprised when we discover that the coldest of butchers loved puppies, or enjoyed playing with children.

This leads us to an associated issue, of the personal psychology of the tyrant. Do they differ between different political and social systems? It would seem at first that the obvious answer would be yes. In the theoretical extremes of free market capitalism and communism, the flaw of the former is an over-emphasis on the individual to the point that it produces cold, unempathic, self obsessed people that are fixated on consumption, whereas communism produces a lack of personal freedom, and de-motivated, inherently socially repressed individuals without any sense of self-worth.

But that doesn't seem to play out at the top levels. It would seem that the top 1% remain the same in many ways the world over. A look at the homes of communist dictators shows that there are some inherent psychological necessities that supersede this dichotomy of cultural structure - they look more or less the same, barring cultural differences, as the palaces of their capitalist or even monarchist counterparts.

Perhaps they are reptilians after all.

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  1. Where do we store habits? Habits and autopilot responses are stored on the cerebellum, at the back of the brain. The control centre to fire off these habits is in the reptile brain at the top of the brain stem. It is called the reptile brain because that is exactly what it looks like, a reptiles brian. Our evolution has been through 5 distinct steps as each part of the brain has evolved and advanced. These are the Brain stem, the Reptile brain hypothalamus, the cerebellum and the cortex. There are many other structures of the brain but these are the main ones.

    So what so special about a crocodile? Obviously the crocodile is a reptile, and if you throw a chicken into the crocodiles vicinity they lurch and grab the food. However, if you throw in a brick they go for that just as enthusiastically. In fact you can throw bricks all day long and a crocodile will never learn to recognise the difference between a brick and a chicken.

    So in the middle of our heads is a control system with no learning behaviour. This is the reason why alcoholics or drug addicts cant stop their destructive habit even though they know its killing them.

    So how do we bypass this system that works against us?

    First the bad news, the scientists don't really know, further research is needed in this area. However, like learning to drive its not a 5 minute solution. It takes time.

    - Robert Fahey

  2. Anonymous5:10 AM

    "Icke's implicitly anti-semitic model of reptilian aliens"?

    If you mean to say that David Icke's reptilians are merely a code word, this has really become old. Watch this (mainstream media) documentary that comes to a different conclusion:

    David Icke, The Lizards and The Jews - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2ypYcZ7qfw

    To point out only one aspect, Icke claims that dragons and lizards have been around in human culture for far longer than our limited western concept and perspective of religious history (Arabs/Jews/Christianity), and have been around in other regions and continents of this world as well. This is also something that isn't examined in the article.

    If you mean it in a more transfigured sense, i.e. promoting animosity and "racism" against people who show cold-blooded "reptilian" traits, well then you might be right with that. But I don't believe that such traits are something we, the people, should welcome and nourish. :->

  3. If I were writing a book on the subject I'd touch on that and a lot more. In a one page article, you've got to hit your topic and come back- I'm sure there will be more reptilian overlord themed posts in the future. (Such as, yeah, we didn't talk about the Anunaki theme - though that is in the songs.)

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  5. ". . . as well as a surprising number of people who believe it quite literally, especially those that buy Icke’s implicitly anti-semitic model of reptilian aliens." O.K. I realize you don't agree with David Icke. However, posting falsified propaganda about him is not a credible tactic. Icke has some valid solid points, and he points out that many subjects he covers are in the realm of belief or hearsay as well. He does not deny this fact and furthermore he goes out of his way to encourage his readers to create their own conclusions. No, assertions about reptilian shape-shifters are not scientific, but they are surely not inherently anti-Semitic. This is what David Icke has to say, "The movement created by the Rothschilds to lay false claim to the land we call Israel or Palestine is known as Zionism. This term is often used as a synonym for Jewish people when it is actually a political movement devised, funded, and promoted through the House of Rothschild and opposed by many Jews. The most visible Zionist front in the United States today are the so-called 'Neoconservatives' or 'Neocons', who were behind 9/11 and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq." P .145-146 of "The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it). " Nowhere in his writings was he ever anti-Semitic, and if the people who denounce him, would actually research what he says, they would find that he consistently denounces racism, and every other ism that exists.

  6. I really don't care one way or another about Icke, more than thinking he's kind of a joke.

    (Though his angle apparently worked on some people. Sucker born every minute, I suppose...)

    But there is an underlying hate-speech-rhetoric element to not only a lot of his material but many of truthers and conspiracy theorists. This is a topic that'd deserve a whole series of posts itself. And honestly I'm not the person to write that one - but I know the person who is. I'll see if he's interested.

  7. Seems he's onboard. Expect the first of those posts here in the next week or two.

    (Sign up options are on the sidebars.)

  8. Good post. I've discussed Icke's mythology with several completely rationalist people who all immediately understood it as a metaphor for the social powerlesness felt by everyone not at the top of the economic pyramid. In that sense, Icke is probably a better mythmaker than, say, Terrence McKenna, whose fables are largely nonsensical to those uninterested in psychedelics or shamanism.

  9. My purpose in mentioning reptilians has more to do with that being an aspect of ourselves. As I said on another track from that record, ControlFreak, "the sick compulsion of politicians makes a home within us all / this OCD Uber-Mensch demon can survive in minds both big and small."

  10. Those questioning the "inherent racism" bit, see: http://www.modernmythology.net/2011/08/confirmed-reptilians-eliminationist.html



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