Sunday, July 03, 2011

Independence Day: Release Announcements

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Happy blowing shit up day, folks!

We are very busy lately. By "we" I mean myself, and the people involved in the projects I'm about to tell you about. I can only imagine that it is difficult to keep track, so I thought I might help out:
  • Citizen Y: Blueprint of a Ritual Experience was published a month or two ago by Weaponized. It is a script, but moreover, the blueprint for an initiation ceremony relevant to post-history. Check it out. ($15)

  • The Immanence of Myth will be published by August by Weaponized. It uses a deep but also conversational, honest and even subversive approach towards looking at the issue of mythology in our lives, especially as this almost 500 pg. oversize book moves towards personal mythology and conversations with current mythic artists. ($25)

  • The Best Of Modern Mythology 2011. I have decided. Mythos Media will be releasing an eBook featuring polished versions of some of what I consider to be the best articles that we've run on this site in 2011. The eBook will sell for $.99 through Smashwords, and will go towards the costs of running and maintaining the site, and promoting our mutual work. If it does well we may release it as paperback and/or hardcover. I expect to release this in September or October

  • Fallen Nation: Party At The World's EndI will be releasing the full and final version of this book either through Mythos Media or a publishing partner - if we find a suitable partner. This release will come in late 2011 or early 2012. I intend for it to remain the opening volley for a post-history, transmedia narrative that I've been planning these past few years. Listen: don't worry. It's got tits and machine guns, too. 

  • Hoodoo Engine's Murder The World, after almost 3 years of work, is nearly ready for the final mix and master through some very nice analog outboard gear. This album is a machine-metal tour through a terrain of conspiracy theories and cult leaders. We don't have a release date yet. I expect a September release through Bandcamp and iTunes, making it one year after the release of our debut, EgoWhore. ($.99 / track or $10 for the CD.) 
  • Here's a track from the album, "In The Flesh": 
  • InTheFlesh 150bpm by agent139

Looking towards 2012: 
  • I am talking with Pearry Teo about working with him and the rest of the Bedlam Stories production team, including Chad Michael Ward and P. Emerson Williams. I can't say more than that at this time, but it looks like it will be a really exciting project to be involved in. 

  • I am still talking with S Jenx from The Fall Studios about the production of Nyssa, which is the illustrated prequel / sequel to Fallen Nation: Party At The World's End. 
I hope you are as excited about this material as we are. Please support the work, so there can be more of it. If you write reviews or have other involvement with the media/press, please contact me, as there is a lot of need to spread the word about all this work.

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