Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fallen Nation: Party At The World's End paperback

The Fallen Nation: Party At The World's End paperback proof was accepted -- looks good! It'll be a few days to a week before the first edition shows on Amazon, another week before it appears through extended distribution networks. I'll announce when it's on Amazon. I hope many of you order a copy, and take this first trip into an alternate history, modern mythology.

(If enough take the first trip, it'll certainly help ensure that there's a second.) 

If you want to order a copy right away, click here. ($16.99) This has the added benefit for me that it puts the most money in my pocket, though I'm not sure if you care about that sort of thing, and I care most about getting people reading it myself. 

And of course, the eBook is available in multiple formats for $2.99. 

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