Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birds of a Feather and the Playthings of the 12/ Part 6

By Brian George

Once, in an alternate reality, I was in a car that was hurtling down a mountain road. Kim Hertz, my girlfriend during that period, was the driver. Its mouth opened wide, a giant snake was pursuing us. Fir trees towered toward the moon. The scent of resin was like a drug. Energy lines hissed, crackling where they intersected.

With much power in reserve, and toying with our fears, the snake closed on us at its leisure. It had no difficulty in navigating every twist and turn in the road. Each detail on the face seemed hyper-real. Its many coils snapped into and at the same time out of focus. Quite suddenly, an even larger snake appeared behind the snake that was behind us. It swallowed him/ her like an hors d’oeuvre. And then an even larger snake appeared and swallowed that one, and so on and so forth, snake after snake.

The snake soon became the mountain and 12 thousand years of landscape and each hair-pin turn of the road; until finally, a snake that appeared to be the World Snake gulped us down. Sucked as though through a vortex, I saw things through the World Snakes eyes. All of space flipped inside out. The sky cracked like an egg. My vision then became kaleidoscopic.

Dead birds were the judges. Every stone became a Shakespeare. Energy grids copulated, crackling where their currents met, as the whole night rang with the music of the spheres—again audible. Trees ranted against the invention of the hieroglyph. I could see tall cities collapsing along the coast, as, bearing gifts, the waves of a black ocean rose.

(Illustration: Brian George, Uroboros 3, 2004)

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