Monday, July 11, 2011

All Your Eclipse Are Belong To Us

Let the cries be heard! Last week, three outer bullies—Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto—cornered the poor, unassuming planet of Earth within a vast ocean of disbelief and tired emotion. Pluto nearly stoned us to death, Uranus burned all that was left of our trivial self-image, and Saturn delegated the entire affair, making sure everyone got their turn.

All we had at our backs were our dreams, which were subsequently shattered and revealed to be nothing but feeble cries for attention.

Speaking of dreams, the New Year—which the start of happens in the summer, not the winter—will begin to resurface the dreams and mysticism that has so desperately been forgotten. Neptune, whose gradual temperament was not enlisted for the aforementioned beat-down, has just entered into Pisces, and is making its first full return since the planet’s discovery in 1846.

The late 19th Century brought with it an unbridled attention to Romanticism, the unfolding of our imagination, and when the fruits of our labors were disregarded in favor of Industrial movements in 1920s, the West was thrown into a “Great Depression.” We’d decided to learn the importance of music, art, and escape within the primordial Age of Pisces the hard way, of which we are still very present in—drug culture for the win.

Neptune’s return represents the rebirth of our relationship to the Artist's dreams and visions within all of us. Here, there is a chance to inspire an entirely new Romantic movement, and this time, we must obligate our culture to fulfill whatever is set in motion during this time. Let us continue.

“You’ve been doing it all wrong,” Saturn tells us. “This is not the way.”

Uranus glares in our direction, neither malicious nor endearing but maintaining a simple necessity, and continue to melt the self-image we’ve held in place for so long. His sight is fueled with new fire, and uncompromising to gaze upon. We look away out of fright and shame, though his eyes find us wherever we turn. It has become hard to differentiate our tears from our melting countenance.

And what of the mighty Jove, who may bring upon us encouragement and luck within this dark time of self-admission? “You desire my assistance?” the Giant speaks, answering our screams from beyond. “Look beneath your feet. That is where I dwell.” For the next year, we are being asked to form a sacred bond with that which directly gives us life—our Divine Mother, the Earth. This is what will propel us into the next stage of societal growth, ultimately leading to new forms of communication and learning.

“Agreed,” Pluto responds between bashing our bones with bricks and stones. “It will undoubtedly hurt less to become one with the stone that I strike upon you.”

And what of the gashes and wounds that erupt from the dismantling of our known perceptions? Unfortunately, the great Healer has retreated to ceremony, whereupon we might be keen to follow. This time is not meant for attained clarity, but of an exploration within the fluid waters of healing incarnate. Train, and wonder, and fulfillment may follow.

“It is not a time for clarity,” Saturn adds. “Because you yourself must be cleansed. Exist within your selfishness, and foolishness. Your weaknesses have become much too prominent—we spoil you with pain. There are worse ways to learn.”

Not much can be said for Mars, Venus, and Mercury, expect that they have decidedly gone into hiding, perhaps on vacation in a galaxy far, far away. Venus, being the kind goddess she is, had left us a note reminding us of past values and desires. “Remember,” she wrote, “We’ve all been through this, at one time or another. You were still alive then, and you’re still alive now.” Unfortunately, some grumble. In the moment, there was little condolence of this fact, though when the beating had finally ceased, our body decimated into an unrecognizable pulp, the casual breaths we took were of sacred comfort.

We were left to drown in our emotions and rot on the streets. Suddenly, in the days that followed, when the wellsprings of our heart had finally been exhausted from our systems, and strength gathered enough to stand, we felt their brash destruction settle into harsh wisdom. It must be on the horizon, we thought. Something big.

None of them spoke, only stayed within their respective realms, continuing to emanate the transformation they had so emphatically beaten within us. Uranus had enflamed our surrounding fa├žade, and now, the only self that remained was truth, sad as it was. Pluto had obnoxiously challenged the structure of our worlds, and will continue to reveal that reality is inherently broken. Saturn, of course, acts as the absurd ruler of these giants, delegating tasks and offering little compromise in the way of partnership.

We have been giving our power away for far too long. Seeds have been planted to make way for a new world, and a new home. Unfortunately, we still feel the pain that had been inflicted upon us by these mediators of the known cosmos. If there is anyone at the cause for the incessant bullying behind the last eclipse, it is no one but us.

Be forewarned--this wasn’t just an abnormal magnification of new moon energy. This is the beginning of a long-term movement, something that will either culminate in a Brave New World Order, and utter confusion of humanity’s senses, or an intense return to the planet’s psychic core, birthing heaven on earth. What does this imply? Basically, shape the fuck up. Now.

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