Friday, August 03, 2012

Words of Traitors - Transmedia perk 1 Unlocked

A short walkthrough of my office at the time of working on this project, and a little talk on the whiteboard of how this project ties into some of the other material available here. 

Talking about some of the thumbnailing process as we get into layout and creative direction.

And finally, talking about the literary background and some of the process and circumstance that got this whole thing started.
(My back was acting up that night so that's why I'm lying down, if you're wondering.)

First transmedia perk unlocked by reaching $1000 goal!  Next unique perk is reserved for breaking $2500. Reaching our full goal will ensure a well produced and distributed illustrated book, and set us off running for the graphic novel that we are spinning out of one of the short stories in this book for a kickstarter and a somewhat unique artistic process involving CG and photographic source. Liking indie art in theory is one thing but coming in at the ground floor like this not only ensures that it gets made -- it also ensures that you will have the first edition pre-ordered and signed. (Who knows, maybe one day you can sell that for a lot of money on whatever replaces eBay.)

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