Friday, August 31, 2012

Project update: Words of Traitors

Collage in progress. Myself and Alexey Andreev. 
I haven't had time to focus on modern mythology pieces this summer as much, as I have focused my creative energies almost exclusively into The Words of Traitors, an illustrated book - mixed media, which ties into many other past, and I imagine future, modern myths. They at the same time stand on their own, and have plenty of sex and blood to keep things spicy.

Like Bill Hicks used to say, "don't worry. There will be dick jokes in a minute, folks."

It has been an open project to an extent - open to contribution from those who show up, or who chance brings to it as it came into being.

Where is this project at? We are now less than 2 days from the conclusion of the fundraiser. We could still really use your donations, and you could get some limited edition or even unique art as a result. I will work with whatever we raise to cover those limited print runs, and hopefully have a little bit left to put into the next phase of that project which leads to a public release, either through Mythos Media or in partnership with another publisher. I am hoping to organize a gallery show, as there are a ton of images- many of which I have created myself, or collaged from the my own work and the work of others in some cases.

I initially imaged a mostly textual book with 7 images. It has since grown into a true fusion, with over 50 images, and pretty involved page backgrounds.

As of this posting we've raised $1600 (of a hoped $8000, but like I said we will work with whatever I can), and there are 32 hours remaining. Donate.

This book is a ritual. If you don't know what that means I can't speak to it in any way that isn't long-winded. This is no purely intellectual exercise. It is a book, and to literalize that, some of the art is literally made of flesh. The flesh of animals, the flesh and pulp of plants. It has been good to work with my hands again, with material, three dimensional objects that are then digitized, re-contextualized.

I will write a follow up "5 general rules of indie production" or somesuch if there is a demand for it here as a way to return to this site. If it would be helpful to some of you. Respond. Engage. This medium (the net) often seems to risk divorcing us from discourse.

We can speak, but can we listen? 

Do we pay attention, or merely browse through in a half-dream?

It needn't be passive, but it does demand a certain space and respect to accomplish the goal of truly listening, to ourselves, to one another. The creative process simply can't exist without that space, especially the one that we make within ourselves, like a womb that these (bodies) gestate within. I often say that in a way I already am a parent.

I'm not sure if my children are monsters are not, of course.

There is a lot I could say about this project, but I'd much rather you draw your own conclusions. For that, you have to meet it halfway. I'm looking forward to hearing how the limited editions are received.

Be talking to you...

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