Monday, September 05, 2011

Debunking the New World Order Mythology

"When you define the power elite as somebody else, I regard that as a loser's script. I define the power elite as myself and my friends. " -Robert Anton Wilson
By Rusty

I am fully aware of how unpopular writing this will make me. So be it. And let's not pretend I really have very much popularity in "real life" anyway, when most people just seem to look at me with a puzzled or quizzical expression or blank stare and ask me "So, what is it you REALLY do for a living?"

Nor do I have many real friends in "make believe internet land", where most people tend to think I am either some weird kind of legend, an honest-to-god alter ego cultivated by a completely insane person, or worse. So it goes. Please continue to keep an open mind as you read this, and remember to not believe anything just because I say it. It is entirely possible my agenda is diametrically opposed to yours and I am feeding you a line of bullshit. You MAY want to operate under the assumption that this is true of everyone, all of the time, unless this notion causes you to feel powerless and to slip further into self-sabotaging paranoia. As you will.

Lately, the hive mind has been crackling with transmissions via blogs and social networking regarding fascism and corporate police states, abuses of power, and notions, some of which are realistic and some of which clearly aren't, as to who is responsible. Listen: What I am about to tell you may sting, but there is no "New World Order" other than you. You, yourself. You are the New World Order, you are the conspiracy, for better or for worse. Allow me to explain.

The Hopi Indians predicted that there would be a fifth age. This new age they termed the age of "spirit" or of "ether". According to their timeline, and also the timeline of the Mayans and the timeline of the Hindu peoples, December 21, 2012 is roughly the spot in which the current age we are inhabiting transitions into something radically different.

The Hindu people termed the age in which we currently live to be the Kali Yuga. Traditionally, this is viewed by many people to be negative but in the grand scheme of things it is a stepping stone or transitional period to a new age. The Kali Yuga itself refers to a period in which humanity is preoccupied with greed, spiritual ignorance, superstition, bigotry and emotional poverty. Conquering seems to be the overall goal, and multiplying and replicating without any real motive other than to grow and to consume (much like a cancer) seems to be the overriding value of human conduct.

Enter 2012. Many are already aware of the Mayan prophecies concerning a new era, but some may be unaware of the correlation between this and what the Vedic scriptures considered to be the dawn of a new "Golden Age" for humanity. This new age was predicted to be the end of the Kali Yuga or the age of iron and the beginning of the new Golden Dawn of enlightenment for humanity.

Alternately, we see the Hopi Indians predicting much of the same, although there is an admonition and a warning: We collectively as a species can choose to make this "new age" one of enlightenment, one of freedom and beauty, or we can choose to further descend into bickering, extremely polarized left or right wing political ideology, petty in-fighting and bigotry (religious or otherwise.)

I want to pose a series of questions to the more radical extremists of the so-called "NWO Conspiracy Theory" camp. Firstly, have you listened to someone like Alex Jones speak at length? Does this man not appear to you to be a stark raving mad paranoid lunatic? This is not an ad hominim attack, listen to him speak (or rather, scream unintelligibly and menace people with boogiemen to boost his ratings and keep them feeling powerless and fearful.) THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES.

Secondly, do you really believe with the level of incompetency at which the Western world, and the world at large seems to be governed, that there is some grand conspiracy at work? Wouldn't it be more simple to assume that the basic conspiracy at work here is human greed, stupidity and tyranny? Does this have to take the form of flying saucers from planet X or shape-shifting reptilians?

Perhaps it is in the vested interest of those who would control your behavior to think that you are in fact powerless and that you have no say, and that they are really shape-shifting Annunaki reptilian gods from the planet Nibiru...

(and who knows, maybe they really are. Francis Crick, the acid head who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the double helix DNA coil, was himself obsessed with the notion that human beings were genetically modified via extraterrestrial intervention.)

Nevertheless, here is something that has rarely steered me wrong throughout my life, and I hope that it will help you: Occam's razor, better known as the law of parsimony. If common sense dictates that the people who seem to be in charge are just fuckups, perpetually clumsy and overprivileged children playing at cowboys and Indians, the chances are they are just that. Let's not make something out of nothing. The simplest of explanations is usually the best. Again, THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES.

As I have hinted at before, I am in fact a "member" of a "spiritual organization", of sorts. Just exactly which is not important. What I will tell you is this: I have sworn to myself to make it my work to fight for human liberty and freedom, and am vehemently opposed to the forces of superstition and tyranny. I am not rich (I am below the poverty line), nor am I a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. I have not nor do I ever intend on attending the "Cremation of Dull Care" ceremonies of the Bohemian Grove Club , which have enlisted bands such as The Grateful Dead to perform for them.

The Bohemian Grove Club, incidentally, seems to be really little more than a game of grabass for rich white men that is itself reminiscent of Burning Man, only a little less corporate and minus the hot hippie chicks. They even set a giant statue on fire. Total sausage fest. (Hey, Rich Queer Politicians & Bankers have to get their kicks too, you know? Maybe "we" are not so different, after all.)

And herein lies the crux of the matter: Ignorance and the veil of Maya or illusion tells us that we are separate.

"He has more money than me. I don't trust him."

"He is a Mason, we all know they are the evil conspirators that control the banks."

"She looks different. I don't like the way she wears her makeup or her hair colored like that."

"He is a Christian, I am a Muslim."

"He is a Catholic, and I am a protestant. His Christ is not the same as MINE."

"I don't like cops."

How many times have you heard other human beings, or yourself, say these things to justify not taking the time to get to know someone for who they really are without resorting to stereotypes and shifting the blame onto them for all of the world's ills? This is known as the "parental conspiracy". All of the world's problems as you perceive them could not POSSIBLY begin and end with you yourself. So you have to find other people, the CFR, the Masons, the Jesuits, the Jews, the Bankers, the Illuminati, Mom, Dad, the mayor, the Goddamned Gnomes of Zurich on which to blame your problems.

This is not to say that there aren't legitimate conspiracies, and that there are not those who hold positions of physical or temporal power abusing this power and exploiting other human beings. There most certainly are, and will continue to be. We should do our best as citizens and human beings to hold these persons accountable and to keep them from taking advantage of us as much as possible. This does not mean there is a grand conspiracy at work. Can you imagine a group of selfish, childish, ignorant and greedy human beings agreeing to cooperate on much of anything for more than a few years at a time, let alone hundreds of years? This seems to me to be damned near impossible.

Think about it.

Don't bitch about the media. Become the media. Be who you are, uncompromisingly so and don't worry about the consequences. Do this and you will receive much less resistance than otherwise, and in fact you may begin to find that people respect you more. If they do not respect you, they will hate you, or perhaps better yet fear you... In which case, you are still influencing them more than if you just kept your mouth shut and kept your real thoughts to yourself. Try an experiment: See if you can go a whole day being as uncompromisingly honest as you can. See and take note of how uncomfortable it makes the people around you, who more often than not are not used to human beings acting with integrity and being forthcoming in social settings. Better yet, try this social experiment: See if you can go a whole day without making people around you comfortable. You may be amazed at how difficult this can be!

Bottom line: We ARE the changes occurring within both the macro and micro scales of human development and evolution. Before we point the finger again, we should learn that our best chance of survival as individuals and as a species will be to consciously seek more light and to learn to roll with these changes as opposed to fighting them. This does not mean let people walk all over you and don't hold those who abuse their political or financial power accountable. This means, put down the hash pipe for a minute and go do something that will change the world. Agonizing over whether or not the Bavarian Illuminati rule the world along with the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Free Masons, the Bilderbirgers, the Jews, the Swiss Bankers, the Knights of Malta, the Gnomes of Zurich, the Knights Templar and any other convenient scapegoat you can find will not set you free.

We are the New World Order. We are these changes. We can choose to make the new age an age of beauty and enlightenment and a spiritual utopia, or we can choose to remain in darkness. And it is a choice that you yourself have the power to make. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise.


  1. I love you Rusty. Please leave me your address so I can mail you drugs.

  2. Anonymous8:21 PM

    this is a well thought out, well written, and pretty funny piece.

    Also, it's probably 99.98% right (with a .02% margin for error), and could do with being read by all of the NWO myth'supporters'.

  3. Thank you for this, it really helped me and made lost of sense! Nicely written as well.

  4. Anonymous7:46 PM

    This is a fantastic piece! Thanks for writing it.



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