Monday, September 12, 2011

The Flooding

Well do we have a story for you (most of the juicy bits are being held back until we know how this plays out and will be continued on St. Stephen's blog Shitty Bear's Corner).

As many of you may know, we here in Johnson City, NY to be exact, the dwelling place of St. Stephen (ov Thee Uncondemning Monk) has been hit by a Flood. To get you started on this devastating event see this New York Times article, Flooding Persisting in Southern Tier... or here, from our local Press & Sun Bulletin, Broome County could take years to recover from flood damage looking out our back door

As of now we do not know when the power will return, we heard it could be another five days (as the substations are all out). St. Stephen would like to say that, as of this moment, he is alright, the three family building has power via the generator (we will keep it running until we either have to return it, run out of money, or ideally, the power comes back on). And that there are many peoples that could use your help. We are doing all we to ensure that St. Stephen does not have to not have to abandon his apartment (but stuff is stuff, we will survive and do what needs to be done to keep ours safe).

UPDATE: "Our Building Might Be Condemned. This is how it looks," says St. Stephen.St. Stephen has recently spoken to NYSEG (electric and gas) and this was their opinion. We will know for sure as soon as code get here, but it does not look good at all. Updates to follow, as we are able.

All things considered, please consider donating to Thee Uncondemning Monk. Or visit our store... perhaps we should make up some flood shirts... got to keep going some how, and as we said, besides the little family we have and some members of TOPI (One True TOPI Tribe), no one (State or Fed Government) has been quick to respond; we are told FEMA will be coming... but we can't wait... we need to move now...

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  1. remember to give us aid in our time of need, or perhaps you want to support the project (its all the same) go to our blog spot (perhaps get a t-shirt, or make a straight donation, nothing is too much or too little at this point, and thank you for those who have already sent aid):



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