Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Media-Mas You Cheap Bastards

Fucking lunacy.

For a very limited time, you can download a 1.2 GIGABYTE archive containing madness of almost Lovecraftian proportions. This includes selections of music and podcasts produced over the past 10 years, occult weirdness, conversations, audiobook episodes, as well as a few tidbits I've yet to put out publicly. There is also a smaller selection of documents, and many clues and portents of work to come.

Every year, I like to clean out what came before and plan a bit for the year ahead. This coming year I have a lot of exciting projects waiting in the wings which draw on all of my past experience, but also supersede it.  I feel like I'm putting many thing behind me, erasing the past and trying to build a mythology anew-- and it's maybe not entirely coincidental that this represents breadcrumbs along a decade of collaboration and production, as this decade comes to a close (in my book, 2010, not 2009.) It's like an aethyric spork that I'm digging into my innards to clear out room for more innards. Except...nothing at all like that, thank God. But if you put these tracks in your iPod I promise you'll get an erection that'll last at least seven days or your money back! (Male, female. Doesn't matter.)

While you're at it, buy something new. Tequila isn't free and my laptop needs spinning rims. 

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