Saturday, December 11, 2010

Immanence of Myth - Rabbitholes update

I've been giving some thought to the questions I posed in this post, and some of them have been the topics of interesting conversations. This is an ongoing process, obviously, whereas a book presents a sort of illusion of stasis: "this is the final word." Obviously, this book isn't going to be, isn't meant to be. Maybe it's a snapshot of thoughts from a period of time, in which case the best move might be to get out of the way of it and allow it to be the first installment...

I'm giving those questions consideration. I'm dusting off the hard copy I have. Loading 400 pages of content into my brain is a surprisingly demanding process, but it's necessary if you want to sift new thoughts and put them in the proper place within the structure you've already defined. So, I'm doing that. And, hopefully, we can see this thing in print before the reptilians rip off their human masks and toss us all into FEMA camps. (There of course remains the task of finding the right publisher for a book that is openly hostile towards the posturing of academia, and yet too abstract and demanding for a mainstream market.)

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