Friday, December 17, 2010

Counterculture Consumer-mas Books and Music

All you read and 
Wear or see and 

Hear on TV 

Is a product 
Waiting for your 
Fairly dirty Dollar. 
So shut up and 
Buy, Buy, Buy, 
My new record. 
Buy, Buy, Buy, 
Send more money. 

Full disclosure: Despite appearances, I often feel awkward about self promotion. I hate being sold to, and to a certain extent, I hate selling, though I obviously believe in my work enough to spend countless hours working on it, and I furthermore belive that-- when matched with the right people at the right time-- the work is valuable. In interviews I can talk ceaselessly about the creative process but ask me for a pitch and I'll likely clam up and crack an inappropriate joke. It's not that I don't believe deeply in the collaborations and solo work I'm doing at any given point, even if there is always room for improvement as's just that I cling to that myth that the work should speak for itself, and no one likes feeling like a damn used car salesman.

But in light of the Holidaze and all, I'm going to swallow that absurd misgiving for a moment and suggest that you pick up an unusual Christmas Consumer-mas present for someone special. Bonus: You can get that extra glow for helping support a dilettante independent artist, and for being an "early adopter."

Fallen Nation: Party At The World's End [Early release edition. $14.95 228 pg. book. $2.99 eBook.]

A psychedelic joyride into the death of the American Dream. Also a great novel for your teenage kids if they're smart and you want to set them on a life of philosophy, debauchery, and petty larceny.

HoodooEngine: EgoWhore [CD $9.99, tracks $.99 each on iTunes.] An album I worked on that we wrapped in the autumn. We're working on the follow-up now.

"EgoWhore," transports you through a dystopian Sci-fi tour of industrial strength metal and hardcore crunktronica. It is a true product of the digital / DIY generation, produced mostly on a Macbook Pro with the assistance of enough entheogens to bewilder an entire caravan of oxen.

Immanence of Myth [Early release edition. $21.99 470 page book. $3.99 eBook.] This is the nonfiction anthology of modern myth I've been writing and researching for the past few years. Over half of the 429 pages are my own, but many of the contributions help add different perspectives. Includes many interviews with myth-makers and artists of various mediums at the end, including David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil), Laurie Lipton, John Harrigan (Foolish People), S Jenx, Rudy Rauben, and many others. Good for anyone that wants to think "outside the box" about how myths and ideas shape our internal worlds, and how you can play a role in that if you're an author, a musician, a visual artist, a film-maker ... 

For eBook readers, Wade suggests: "Download a program called Calibre and you can translate your purchases into either .mobi or .epub for free."

(NOTE: The early release editions are going to be yanked as soon as publishing deals are inked in 2011. They contain all the content the finals will, but may still have some typos / copy errors. The forthcoming publication announcement appears to be immanent, no pun, for Immanence of Myth. If you are a publisher interested in working with me on the Fallen Nation series, by all means drop a line. I'm in discussion with a few groups but it's always good to have options.)


  1. congrats on finishing it.

    could I advise for a more ebook reader-friendly format, such as .mobi or .epub ? Your early version .pdf didn't really work out with my kindle (getting tired of reading on my computer screen)

    then I'd be more than happy to buy a copy and help a dilettante writer (since my translating skills may not be up to the task)!

  2. For that you'll need to wait until I line up publishers for these books and go through the full layout & editorial process with them. I'm not touching any major marketplaces until then- part of the point in using lulu for the early release books is there is no isbn, no footprint- when they're pulled they're gone for good.

  3. Dee: Download a program called Calibre and (assuming there's no DRM) you can translate your purchases into either .mobi or .epub for free.

  4. Thanks for that advice, I'll include the suggestion in the post.



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