Saturday, August 21, 2010

No Write Way Redux (part 1)

Working on a revamp of an old blog series I started back in 2007. Right now being guest blogged on Feckless Goblin's page:
There are many ways for a would-be author to get their work into the form of a physical book these days. We are going to cover those later, but it struck me that in most articles I’ve seen about self publishing, whether the final product is a physical book or a blog of some kind, the actual process of writing a novel is often overlooked.
The down-side of easier access to publication is a reduction of signal-to-noise. In other words, if everyone can publish a blog or a print-on-demand book, the chances of that book being unrefined or even worthless increases exponentially. It took me two novels to really catch my stride, in my estimation, so part of this has always been, and will remain a tautology: “how do you learn to write? Write!”
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