Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fans of my books apparently like assault rifles

Every now and then I get an email from someone who's been reading my books, a listener from a podcast, or an album. For several years they came in ten or twenty a day, lately it is more of a trickle thanks in part to the fact that many of the projects I've worked on have been delayed so it's been a while since a release, and people are also using email less I think. Be that as it may, sometimes these emails lead to interesting conversations, even future collaborations. (Though: No, I will not write your idea as a story and split the profits, and no, I will not read your 500 page manuscript about alternate histories and sacred geometry without having any idea of who you are or what I could do to help you.) Sometimes these conversations take on a more disturbing tone-- "I'm trying to figure out how to mic the inside of my head so I can prove that I can read thoughts," the occasional bizarre death threat, you know that kind of thing.

But this just amused me.

"I support the authors/artists I like when and where I can. A year or two ago I might've printed this out at work, but my co-workers get suspicious when I print out 400+ page documents at work and then explaining yourself can be just plain awkward. The first time I read JMC I had it puked out of a printer at this long-term care pharmacy I worked at, among several thelemic libers, and miscellaneous oddities. The faces the pharmacists would make when they thumbed through the documents made it all worthwhile though (we received RX orders on the same printers so they'd freak out an assume it was a fuckton of prescriptions to fill at first. Got one to at least start reading JMC, don't know if he ever finished). 
Had to order the Cunt Coloring Book to qualify for the free shipping on lulu and just so you know, your proof copy is cutting into my incendiary rounds funds for my AR-15 for this weekend. There will be a significantly reduced risk of forest fires in my area thanks to you. :("

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