Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Creative State of the Union

For those interested, this is what I've been up to :

  • The Immanence of Myth proof copy has been taken off lulu. A handful of them went out to people, hopefully I'll get some feedback from you by the end of September, which is the deadline for this proofing run. I will then be working on integrating proofing input, doing another pass myself, and working on getting the formatting consistent so as to prepare it to shop to publishers. (Layout and final editorial will be, god willing, handled in-house by them.) 
  • The Hoodooengine album EgoWhore is very close to complete: 7 of the 9 tracks are in the final mixing and early mastering phase, and the remaining 2 tracks are close behind. This project is somewhat in the vein of Chemlab, KMFDM, and Ministry, with a lot of drum and bass and even crunk influences finding their way in there. It is dancy, over-the-top and sci-fi. We hope to pick up a label and be able to do at least some short tour support for it in the coming year. Either way the album will be made available online, on iTunes, and on Amazon, as soon as that is possible. This album was produced and arranged by Marz233, I did assistant production and guitars, and Johan Ess is on vocals. (Plus some special guests here and there.) 
  • I just completed a 2k word short story version of the first plot arc for the Nyssa comic script that I wrote last year. I've been having a hard time getting any sort of consistency out of the art development so I wanted to move ahead with a prose version. I'm contemplating putting together a pitch of the following plot arcs (which would constitute a novel) and shopping them to publishers as well. On the flip side, I am still interested in re-exploring a visual interpretation of the story with photographic source, possibly with Sean Jenx. One way or another one or all versions of this will be getting shopped around for print ASAP.
  • Murder The World is on hold until we find a vocalist for the project. For now we're going to focus on HoodooEngine. But you can enjoy our podcasts!
  • The Y script is being formatted for release with Weaponized as a hardcover book. It will likely include an introduction, I'm sure. We also intend to put together a free media offering to help bring the world of Y to you, which will include a debut of a couple of the HoodooEngine tracks. Release date TBA. 
On that note, anyone want to help me plan, organize, and implement these submissions so I don't have to completely stop creative output for two months? Well if want hands on experience of this kind of thing and have time to spare, we could work something out. You must be dedicated to the task at hand, confident, and be able to think on your feet. Email me. If not, I'll put the kettles on the back burner and get out the spreadsheets myself.

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