Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Immanence of Myth: Proof Copy Temp Available.

I've decided to temporarily share the link for the proof copy of the Immanence of Myth that we're using for editorial purposes, as this is somewhat of an "open project."

This has been through one round of editorial (only @3 more to go! ... Before it's ready for a publisher to probably have another round.) This is for those of you who have been dying to get your hands on the material, and for those of you who actually want to have a hand in proofing.

For those of you interesting in putting a pair of eyes on it, email me with some semblance of credentials ("I am fairly literate" may do depending on my mood at the time) and I can also share the PDF version.

If you do- I will only receive proof input in the following format: page number, paragraph: deletion / addition (comment).

If your proof input is considerably helpful, you will be listed as one of the proofreaders in the credits. Don't expect that though if you provide two typos, or mostly stylistic suggestions. Proofing is for grammar, flow, typos. Stylistic suggestions are acceptable but not the bulk of what we're looking for. That's my job. Also, as a note, we have a proofreader already signed on for the project internally. I figure the more eyes on it the better at this stage.

This link will be taken down in 2 weeks. The proofing process will be running until September 30th, at which point I'm going to do one more copyedit pass with all the proof input and then start sending MS' to publishers.

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