Monday, July 15, 2013

The Pieces of a Narrative

Check this video out:

Not at all what it looks like. 

Isn't it interesting how little action is required on the part of the dolls (i.e. none), for your mind to start sort of editing it in, when we're provided with a narrative? Really makes you wonder about just how little can be necessary to tell a good story, and yet on the flip side, just how much the format effects what kind of stories you can tell, and how our brain is going to make (or re-make it) it in our heads as we take it in.

This has all been bouncing around in my head as I'm working on a narrative that has 2 stand alone pieces: a video game (so an interactive medium) and a graphic novel. So I've been thinking a lot about how the audience is likely to engage with these things, and it might be slowing down the mental part of the writing process, but I hope it's worth it. 

Similarly, as I have been building the loose outline of a 10,000 year history on an alien and yet strangely familiar world, I wonder how many different ways there might be to tell stories in that setting? How many lives existed against the backdrop of World War 2? One could just easily create a narrative within the context of a fantasy event of similar scale the doesn't deal with it headlong. 

This is the approach I've taken so far with myth-building, it's anyone's guess whether it's carried through on the other end that there is often far more outside the frame of a shot than there is within it. I believe we can feel the weight of the invisible actors inside the myth that frames the narrative. Time will tell. 

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