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Full Moon in Aquarius: The Succession of Dreams

“Do you remember who you were before this?”

“Do I remember… what?”

“Yourself. Before becoming the entity you are now.”

“Bits and pieces. I remember a world that was ripe with war and misunderstanding. I remember a family that was my own. But, this could all be a reflection of images. Planted memory, you see?”

“Perhaps. I remember a desert at dusk, looking out unto a sky vastly superior to anything I could imagine. I remember children chasing each other around bristly bushes. One of them was stung by something, and I believe later died.  This image remains strong in me, for some reason.”

“Yes—for as much omniscience the humans attribute to us we are, at all odds, even greater a mystery to ourselves.”

The entities known as Mercury and Mars had been taking turns keeping watch in the night as their beloved slept.

“What is she preparing for?” the Warrior asked.

“You presume that I know?”

“You always know.”

The Messenger smirked. Flattery will subject even the sharpest mind to infringement. His was no different.

“She is the catalyst. The new Christ, you could say.  She is in the process of rebirthing the whole of humanity.”

“Into what?”

Mercury looked deep into his eyes. “What do you think?”

The Warrior filled his lungs and sighed. As gods, they were imminently aware of such cycles. The old ones, however, were continuing to behave differently than before: erratic, as freight trains that no longer knew when to start or stop.

“The centaur and I are in commune,” the Messenger revealed. “Together, we see into the sea of souls. He is still a phantasm, his body in flux. But, I have returned from meditation with the weight of one thousand lifetimes. Through his power, the channel of light is open, and I hold Pluto’s scepter; I am now a guide for those seeking the hero’s quest. Do you see them?”

He pointed below them, and the Warrior saw hundreds of scattered lights crawling along the mountain range.

“There are so few of them,” he observed.

“Indeed. Distractions of the many outweigh the focus of the few. They will only understand by their own will—the letting go must come from within, organically, or it means nothing at all.”

“If they only knew what blessings awaited them at the renouncement of belief.”

“Fairly put. If you were to come across unimaginable new fruits, would you only remove the bad apples from your basket? The humans do not understand. They are trying to fill their baskets without making space for the fruit. They cherish the old fruits that have since rotted away because they fear letting go. We must teach them that there is no difference between the old fruit, the new fruit, and the basket itself.”

“This is why she must endure, then?”


“For everyone?”


“Part of me wants to watch them rot away. Cut them off like cancerous tumors. They deserve to fall into nothingness.”

“Perhaps they do. Nevertheless, here we are. Committed to every last drop. She especially.”

“Her compassion may temper the rage burning inside me, but does not extinguish it.”

“Your time for bloodshed will come, Martian. We all play our part. For now, I must inform, and you must protect. The Morningstar will likely succeed you as the greatest soldier of our time. You must step down; allow her to evolve, to become the better fighter. Venus, not Mars, will lead our divine army at the hour of retribution.”

“Imagine: a warrior bridled with an uncompromising will and the compassionate heart of our great mother.”

“The Mirror shows us grace in uncomfortable times of transition and tribulation, reflecting only what has even been: the Great Within.”

“The riddles grow tiresome, Messenger. Rest your mind while I take watch.”

“Goodnight, brother. Remember, we may have been like them once.”

Mercury gestures toward the crawling lights as he dissipates into the darkness. The Warrior is left recalling the oft-held memory of the desert at dusk, the laughter, and the dying child.

For the learn’d astrologer:

Full Facts & Figures - 2:16 PM – 0 degrees Aquarius

Phantastes from ‘their fount all shapes deriving, In new habiliments can quickly dight.
:Phineas Fletcher, “Purple Island”

Blessings continue to pour in from the heavens as the Grand Water Trine between Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter claim affect on our lives! Be watchful; unlike squares, when action is ripped from our lives into being, trines demand a set amount of will force from the individual. You could end up having a lovely, lazy afternoon, or channeling the forces of nature to bridge your consciousness to new dreams, manifestations and realities. It’s your choice.

The most notable change in sky ordinance comes with Mercury perceived direct on Saturday, July 20th. Finally, you’re probably thinking. The emotional garble-gabble no doubt clogging your heart over the past few weeks will begin to clarify, separating isms from the istics, at the very least giving you the slightest bit of understanding as to why God, why.

By Jove, Mars is also closely conjunct the Great Red Spot. Action taken during this time will not only be showered by Jupiter’s blessings, but also grounded by Saturn’s concentration, and attuned to Neptune’s ethereal harp-strings. If there’s anything you want to manifest, now’s the time. Why not? What’s the worst that can happen? Nothing, and life continues to suck? Go for it; see what happens. Read my report on the last full moon (2 degrees Capricorn) for how this grand trine exposes the secret to wishing upon a star.

Presently, we enter the next stage of dream wakening, defined by yet another grand water trine! Yes, there are two Grand Water Trines in the sky right now, during the full moon. This one connects recently direct Mercury with Chiron, the bridge between realms, and the ecliptic nodes of the Moon (hypothetical intersections representing, loosely, our past and future). Chiron is the wounded healer that learns by releasing suffering, and Mercury, of course, the great messenger of God.

Thereby, in order to balance our onslaught of destiny, we are being asked to let go of all attachments as witness to Eternal Life.

As an aside, I might ask you, “What is most precious to you?” and, much to your horror, your cherished answer becomes the very subject of your impending release.

Imagine someone who loved his fecal matter so much that he never took a shit. This is the same as hanging on to aspects of your life asking to be released. Beloveds die. Jobs end. Relationships divide. Your anus shits.

I challenge you to choose something in your life to release right now. Make a decision to end a contract or attachment. Say goodbye. Because, what is around the corner, waiting to fill your life, is stronger, greater, more fascinating than anything imaginable.

Imagine a hoard of angels hovering outside your window, their arms overflowing with blessings, riches, and happiness. But, they can only deposit the blessings if you have made room! They are carrying so much that they can barely hold on to what they have. Their wings are getting tired. What do you do?

Delete the pictures on Facebook. Throw out unnecessary concepts and old shoes. There is no shoe, anyway. Quit your job. Sell your house. I almost want to suggest becoming homeless, because you might just get a mansion. Board the ferry to a world of pure imagination. The price is one big pile of your shit.

As a test, let go of what you are most afraid of losing. I dare you. Double dog. Triple dog. Quadruple wolf. Dig deep and see what you’re scared the most of losing. Phrases like, “But, what if,” “But, I don’t,” and “It’s just that,” usually precede these somethings.

The Egyptian mystery schools trained initiates for decades to master their fears before entering higher states of consciousness. They knew how powerful reality became upstairs, and knew the mind had to be purified before leveling up. Otherwise, the mind would be destroyed. Again, this took decades.

The Moon is asking us to let go of fears, become the fount of life, and be the star child in the birth of an entirely new civilization.

The Sabian Symbol for 0 Aquarius is: an old adobe mission in California.

A quick web search showed me images of temples and churches made out of clay. This brought to mind structures of ancient civilizations that survived their respective apocalypses.

Venus in 0 Virgo and Pallas—the warrior, Athena—in 0 Cancer are sextile each other, creating a Yod pointing toward the Moon. This aspect is also known as the Finger of God, suggesting that an intense, purposeful, climactic destiny unfolds surrounding the objects’ meanings.

In this case, we are being asked to balance our emotions and ground our values in the core feminine. Venus, Pallas (Athena) and the Moon (Artemis) are three fundamental feminine goddesses in their mythological pantheon. Emotional clarity will likely arrive (especially with Mercury now direct) and the light reflected inspires new belief systems and hearths.

The Aquarian Moon opens your awareness to near-extraterrestrial levels of understanding. We are all connected now, and share responsibility, experience suffering, and achieve greatness as one collective being. How do you express the world?

Additionally, the asteroids Ceres and Juno oppose each other, squaring the lunar Nodes of destiny, creating a fixed Grand Cross. Two Grand Trines, one Yod, and one Grand Cross, all within one degree orbs. It seems that destiny is getting a lot of attention today.

Ceres is the great mother who ultimately has to learn to let go of her daughter, Persephone, to the thralls of the Underworld (or, you know, sexual maturity). She’s the type of mom that comes to your school and demands, “There’s no way you’re treating my child this way!” You might roll your eyes, but she’s there to protect you.

Juno is more difficult to understand. She’s the embodiment of both sacredunion and unfulfilled matrimony. Because of the way relationships are changing, Juno herself is going through an archetypal transformation; she asks what it means to be fulfilled by another, and who is that other, anyway?

These matronly counterpoints are keeping watch over the powerful changes we are seeking to manifest. The feminine evoked by the Moon’s aspects is young, vivacious, enthralling, provocative, and fertile. With this fixed Grand Cross, we see the woman as a shield of light, checking and balancing the next generations as we learn how to walk.

Allow yourself to be embraced in the bosom of your teachers. With everything in mind, we are balancing our reality on a tightrope suspended above powerful, intentional transformation. The direction upon which we go depends on the individual’s consciousness.

Your cosmic parents and loved ones surround you, holding you upright as you take your first steps. You might not see them; hell, you might not even believe in them. But, they’re still there, helping us until we’re finally able to remove the training wheels.

We might even become parents ourselves one day.

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