Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to the Future!

By Dr. Adventure!

As you all know, we are now living in the Future. Jet-packs, Aliens, gun-toting robots, giant remote-controlled insects, global disasters, World War III, open insurrection, Skynet, digital drugs and Super-Heroes. The Future.

Feels like Ive been here all along but its nice seeing the rest of the planet start to catch up. The entirety of human history and civilization has led right here. So, if you haven't already, get the fuck up off your ass and do something about it.

Staring down the barrel of Armageddon, we are facing the greatest threats and most profound opportunities ever presented to the human race. From open Tantric enlightenment available at your local Underground to planet-wide mind-control, from mass surveillance to every 10 year old being able to post pictures of himself blowing shit up to everyone on the planet, from trapping antimatter to....well, trapping ANTIMATTER; Humanity is thoroughly kicking reality's nards and realizing that it hurts them just as bad.

But then again, we live in a time when some folks pay good money to get a swift kick in the jewels.
What I want to know is what are You doing about it?! And I do mean YOU! Maybe you're reading this for cheap sci-fi thrills or as philosophical masturbation or, more likely, the Matrix has you. Searching the global Hive-mind in the dead of night trying to find a glimmer of the Divine Mystery revealed to you through a story, looking for the Door to the Real world, waiting and searching to be invited into something truly Great and Unique and Free. It is my Pleasure and Honor to Welcome you all to the Future!

There are no longer any proper excuses for not trying your best at whatever it is you've gotta do. If you don't, pissed off robots may just SHOOT FUCKING ROCKETS AT YOU AND THEN EAT WHATS LEFT! Governments can crumble with a Word, Real life is cooler than TV, you can get an Ivy league Education free off the internet, and if shit really just doesn't suit you here you can always build a rocket with your pals and get the fuck outta here. No. Excuses.

Just so we're clear, and most folks wont tell you this because it means shits really ok, all the pain and bloodshed and ignorance and violence around us don't hold a candle to the Brilliance of humanity's Will to Seek Wonders and be Spectacular and Free. If you strive hard enough, you can do anything. The universe doesn't give a fuck, it takes all challengers and has no limits. Take your best shot and see what happens.
I've been watching and I've seen that people are realizing that the options they've been given are just not good enough and that real solutions come from somewhere else. Team-work, Creativity, Patience, Awareness and Action can kick the shit out of anything. We live in a time when our only real options require going far beyond whats been done before to find new ways of dealing with ourselves, each other, our works, and our world.
We all have the privilege of witnessing the dawn of Super Humanity, and I mean the Deluxe package. Death defyers, Mutant Wonders, Geniuses toiling in their basements making plasma reactors, Cyborgs, Psychics, and Super-Heroes. True marvels of nature, powerful and elegant and uncompromising and effective. Humanity has biological, technological and cultural potential to shake the firmament to its foundations. These people aren't hiding, they are growing mighty and shaking the earth with their works.

You can read about them in the news or meet them on the street or find them haunting your dreams. They are everywhere and there are more and more every day. You may just be one yourself an not even know it yet.
Wisdom and Action when faced with necessity may be humanity's greatest assets. Wisdom and action of course come from Discipline and Freedom.

Without these things humanity is completely boned, With them we can pretty much do whatever we can imagine....never seemed like a hard choice to me but I can see how it might be a hard pill to swallow for some. Boo-Fuckin-Hoo. If it seems like the people in charge don't have any idea what the hell is going on or how to really fix anything, they probably don't, or at least are just as screwed and clueless as anyone else. If that's the case then instead of yelling about it, Grab your friends,find a way to do the job and set a proper example of how to be Awesome for the rest of humanity.

Remember, saving the world is probably the hardest job on the planet and it takes, and is inherently, an overcoming of the human condition. Thats why it takes Super-People. The rub is that Humanity is inherently "Super". We are a species whose existence is predicated on Imagination and finding ways to master ourselves and understand the world around us. This process of apotheosis, of becoming something Great, has been talked about by every culture on earth and is now happening more than ever in Human History.
The average person has access to more of the most potent ritual drugs, self hypnosis techniques, mind control systems and information EVER. Its unprecedented, millions of people with access to knowledge and power that used to be the sole tools of Kings and Shamans, people representing the best and worst humanity has to offer. Now everyone has them at their fingertips, but not everyone knows how to bear the responsibility that goes with these things. Which is why Examples are needed, people willing to set the bar as high as it will go and still clear it with room to spare.

If you are reading this, if you can grasp it, if you feel something inside you that fills you with love and power and resolve, its time for you to act. Become your greatest self, redefine your world and go do something Awesome. I'll be Watching.

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