Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thee One True TOPI Tribe at Contact Conference 2011

Dear reader, greetings from St. Stephen, we have something of a blurb of a cross posting to make... we hope it is worth while (informative)

What is TOPI? It's Genesis P-Orridge's "new way on" and a coming community, where community is spelled coum-unity... this spelling hearkens back to the 1970-80s Coum Transmissions. But more in the way of the future, October, in NY/NY, there is to be an un-conference called, Contact Conference 2011, where Genesis (and supporters) are invited to participate in furthering the realization of thee One True TOPI Tribe (thee OTTT). Yet the un-conference is not exclusive to Genesis, rather for more information see the above link and also here for: Genesis P-Orridge at Contact Conference 2011.

In general there seems that there are some interesting developments blowing in the breeze, or that is what i hear from Aglaeca, who has a little more of an inside track on these things, and has just come back from BAM Film festival where Aglaeca was fortunate to see Thee Majesty perform after the showing of The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye... But before getting to that film, we noticed something on the Contact Conference site. Why Genesis is using an older photo, that seems before the Pandrogeny (pandrogyne) project, of s/he and Lady Jaye's devise of which we now have the film The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye... could it be that even Genesis knows that s/he is too extreme and hence opted for his younger male persona? Perhaps this is a wise strategy as Genesis is not about hiding; we find this tidbit curious, rather than hypocritical. Anyway i would love to know what do you think of thee OTTT, of TOPI (not thee older TOPY, with the 'Y', which Genesis dissociated from, but are also worth checking out...)? Instead of me interpreting it all for you, you can simply find out for your self what is going on, by going straight to thee OTTT website (i suggest, starting with the audio). Perhaps this was a worth while post after all...
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