Saturday, April 02, 2011

Strange Factories

FoolishPeople is proud to announce the production of their first feature film Strange Factories, a psychological thriller written by John Harrigan and directed by Richard Webb and John Harrigan.

In an unnamed country, a storyteller possessed by an idea for a new fable searches for four lost friends, all refugee performers of a theatre destroyed in a mysterious fire. Sam, who is obsessed with dangerous stage effects, Jessica, a glamorous femme fatale, Hettie, a clown who hides a secret and Rose, who has sacrificed her life to art.

Victor believes their unique skills will help him complete work on a story he fears is fast becoming a paradox.

He finds his friends in a remote, pagan village founded by Stronheim; the owner of a Strange Factory hidden deep in the local countryside, infamous for the frequencies of sound it emits. Inadvertently, Victor enters into a dangerous pact when Stronheim makes a proposition to build a new theatre for the performers, if Victor reaches the heart of his story in time for it to be performed at the village festival.

The key to the group’s success lies in unravelling the truth of a mysterious fiction and learning how it relates to the customs of the villagers: bizzare rites practiced under influence of a hallucinogenic effluence siphoned out of the Strange Factory and served at the local pub.

Emotional geography and psychologically fractured history merge in a landscape haunted with dreams and nightmares of kidnapped actors, hideous monsters, invisible escape artists and ghosts of audiences past, present and future.

All milestones lead to Strange Factories.

Pre-order a copy of The Immanence of Myth, published by Weaponized in July 2011.

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