Sunday, April 03, 2011

Four Scouts to the New World/ Parts 16-17

By Brian George


The arrival of planner 4 has pushed the group (hard) in a dangerous direction. With few disagreements, we explored alternative modes of thought. We began to act as one body.

It was quickly decided that the political system should be modeled on the 19th century New England town hall meeting. I suggested a revolving leadership, perhaps based on the sacrifice of any and all personal wealth, or on the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The idea was shot down. The crowd would argue until one vision was left standing.

At length external circumstances will force a decision on the group. Fear will act as the de facto leader, as it manufactures a near death experience. The sphere, as once imagined by Parmenides, is a discontinuous web of thermonuclear reactions. They do not yet trust that the human body will give as much warmth as the sun.

Information should move and jump according to the theory of redundancy. If one electromagnetic unit is good, more are better, to insure the synchronistic action of the whole. Every system should be overdetermined, like a symbol in a dream, owing its existence to a multitude of causes, aiming its purpose toward a multitude of ends.

On the new planet there would be no roads. There would only be networks of energy. It is lucky, too, that there should not be any roads, as we have shelved group planner 1's idea of transplanting an industrialist. Who would work on the assembly line? It is almost certain that there would be no volunteers. To whom could you market cars?

Proposed and accepted: that they should build a center for barter that would also serve as Omphalos.

No instruments will be mass produced. Toys will be autonomous beings. They will trade no hallucinogen before its time. Hand made goods will look better with hard use, not worse. Each object will have a history. It will hold a charge. It will catalyze the growth of telepathic touch. Again, the inanimate dark will be inhabited, and helpful. The day’s work will cohere as a dance of reciprocity.

Music will be vertical. Nature’s laws will be habits, only. They will not be difficult for any citizen to break. Gravity will be voluntary. History will be as horizontal as the rooms of a museum.

There will not be any courthouse. Instead they will open a center for negotiated settlements. Money will be regarded as the root of all evil. As there can never be enough of it, except in one’s imagination or in the dead hands of one’s neighbor. Banks will be for sperm. Genetic engineers will subdivide the 1 prehistoric egg. Presents will make the heart grow fonder. Good habits will heal. The bad will beg to disappear. Love will be the punishment for a sociopathic tantrum.

There will be no schools, to speak of. Uncomfortable desks will be custom made for every daydreaming student. They will replace the school with a center for intergenerational holograms.

There will be no difference between breathing and the rigors of initiation, beyond those of their choosing.

Each doorway will act as a passage into hyperspatial knowledge. There will be no fear of destruction. Disaster looms. Death walks beside the scout, an all too cooperative shadow. He goes out. He comes back in. There is a strange grin on his face. Romantic geniuses will be instructed to build duplicates. As before, records will burn. Everyone should know just bit about everything. Every man, woman and child will be both student and teacher.

Again, involution will turn their big dreams into memories. Closed curves will enforce a two-fold movement. The imagination should point inward to the soul and outward to the stars. Messages will reverse, aiming a space ship inward to the stars and outward to the soul. Judges will hang. Islands of resistance will disturb the superconscious dream. Technology will be imported, like a dangerous controlled substance. Its goal: to withdraw itself. Its scope will be microcosmic.


The commissioner for species transplantation was shocked to discover that so large a group of hippies still existed. We will fade into shadows. Happy for our children, we will imitate the model of the archetypal father/ mothers.

(Illustration: Brian George, Hawk mummy with snakes and DNA, 1990)

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