Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Celebrity Culture (via Aeolus Inc)

I recently came across this blog care of a potential contributor to the Immanence of Myth anthology. This post touches on something I wrote about recently, so I wanted to point you towards his blog, Aeolus Inc.:

"Stars are success personified. They represent a modern, coarse version of the old mythic narrative of the Hero achieving his rightful place as King against insurmountable odds and almost insuperable obstacles. Yet stars do nothing as or by themselves, and certainly nothing heroic (unless a ruthless determination for success at any cost can be considered heroic). They are actors who play heroic roles. The shaman-adventurer enacting his quest for the tribe from a place of Knowing, allowing others to share in his experience of gnosis, has become Arnold Schwarzenegger killing Arab terrorists and saving New York City from nuclear holocaust."
(Full article.)

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