Friday, May 04, 2007

First Person First Friday (#1)

I'll continue syndicating some of the alterati articles here for a little while-

First Friday has become something of a phenomenon nation-wide. For years now, galleries open their doors, street musicians and artists flock by the hundreds, and thousands of gallery-goers flit from location to location, quickly intoxicating themselves on free, cheap wine. It’s hard to say how many pieces actually sell on nights like this, but it is definitely something that helps vivify an art scene, and allows us artists to rub elbows and get the hell out of our studios for a night so we can see what our contemporaries are up to. In this short article I can’t possibly hope to track down the root of this phenomenon - aside from it just being good business, and a damn good time - but I do know from personal experience that this isn’t restricted to just one city or state.

So I wanted to begin this column, wherein I will be exploring First Fridays firsthand, in Phoenix, Arizona.

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