Monday, May 28, 2007

Comic Con Backroom Meetings

(I'll have to remember to bring some single malt scotch.)

From Anna's myspace blog:

I'm finding that things for Fas Ferox are finally aligning to progress to the next stage of its evolution. Two of the creators of Machinima (a video-game platform technology being used to make feature films) are showing extreme interest in a possible merger with Fas Ferox, bringing us into an interactive multimedia format at long last. They are flying in from the UK to San Diego at the end of July (when we are there for Comicon) to meet with me, several of the FF crew and Neil Gaiman to discuss the possibilities.

Anyway, we'll see what comes of it. At the least, I'm excited to meet Neil. He was one of my 'artistic heros' when I was younger. These days I don't so much have heros, but I still have incredible respect for him, and his work. I was going to keep this under my hat publically but since the beans have already been spilled, I can't help myself.

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