Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Black Osiris

There's so much going on right now that I can barely keep up myself, let alone pass it along... I'm preparing to get Mythos Media off the ground for real, and everything that entails- trying to prep for Comic Con (hopefully I'll return with stories of a trip for sushi with Mr. Gaiman), Alterati is taking off, looks like I am co-writing & producing a film with Invictus Films though I can't give public details on that for a while, and... to top off the insanity, after my root canal my tooth is hurting like a bitch whenever I eat.

So, here's a little something I haven't really been reporting on at all... mostly because it's a side project, that just kind of happens when it happens. Several years ago, I had all of these realizations about the Osiris - Dionysus - Jesus myths while under the knife (and a whole lot of morphine), and these turned into a series of essays that I wrote - first for some classes in college, and then later, with some minor editing, for a couple small publications. (One of these here.)

One night I was up late and wrote these joke rap lyrics for it, and several years later Eianorange adapted them into a track, which is presently still in progress. (You can hear a rough here.)

Then Nate Sampsel came to me saying he was working on something in the Black Osiris vein... and, along with Johann Ess, this track has been the result. (The vocals still need a little production work, but it's close enough to share.) Nate did the guitar synths and some of the skeleton/slicing, J0hann Ess did some more synths and vox, I did percussion/bass/production.

My hunch is that eventually this'll become a collaborative/concept album, possibly released through the Mythos Media imprint. We'll see.

As I've said, In other news, I'm totally exhausted, going through withdrawal from my (legally prescribed thank you) pain meds, and now it hurts when I eat.


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