Tuesday, February 20, 2007

subQtaneous: JIVE Magazine review (by J0hann Ess).

All of the music on this disc feels very human and percussive, with a number of melodies/chords you wouldn't normally hear in industrial, metal, or any other urban music category. It manages to play a little into avant-garde, jazz, and electronica realms while maintaining a solid cohesiveness. It also captures experimental and political elements unheard on such a magnitude since the alternative heydey of the 80's and early 90's. Sometimes a huge artist roster will dillute the end result, but all of the collaboration on Some Still Despair In A Prozac Nation mixes into a tasty and potent brew. The production is original, flawless, and extremely layered, giving you plenty of repeat listens to pick up everything going on. This album is a notable addition to all the ground-breaking 21st century media that is emerging.


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