Saturday, February 24, 2007

Casting Call for launch

We are looking for artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, etc. who are doing interesting things at the fringes. Your material will be run alongside the work of some more recognized faces in their fields. We can't give any specifics at this point for obvious reasons, but suffice it to say that Greylodge, which you could call the parent of Alterati in a figurative if not literal sense, received almost 10 million visitors last month. We could well exceed that within a couple months of our projected launch.

"What's Alterati?" In simplest terms, a new media magazine. It's more than that, but if you get that, that's enough for now.

"So... What kind of material?" you ask.

Think of the website as a stage for your work, or the work of someone you would like to interview for us. We can handle audio, video, articles, etc. So the question is -- how do you want to present it?

If you're providing media, it's important that you have an idea for an article to accompany it that in some way contextualizes it, shows how it is culturally relevant, or makes at least some people laugh their asses off.

We're particularly interested in articles (500-1000 words) about DIY media, underground artists, music or events, or new technologies- unless it is a 'how to' it should have a strong narrative. If it is a 'how to,' we'd prefer if it was funny or a little off-the-wall.

What we don't want - we're not at this point interested in essays about magick, conspiracy theories, or philosophical diatribes, unless if they are hysterical or really above-par, but that may change as we grow in the future, and of course we withhold the right to blatantly ignore our own guidelines when we believe it is called for. This also isn't a news aggregator, or a political activist website, so unless if there's something really unique about it, send your or other people's opinions about Bush to rather than us.

As for media submissions (video, audio)- We're concerned with quality, not genre. We don't care if it's hip hop, techno Kabuki, or your indie documentary about Hunter S Thompson. The question is-- is it hilarious, profound, totally unique, or cutting edge?

Again, we need a narrative/article if we're going to do a feature focusing on your work (I say this as an edit drop-in because I've recieved at least 100 submissions just today that took no heed of this):

This is not a place to post random photos or illustrations, although they *can* work well as (credited) companions to appropriate articles, if you're not of the writing persuasion. The same goes for music- we can use your music in various podcasts as soundtrack material, and credit it, but if you want your music to be the focus of an article, you need to provide us with a lot more than a myspace page and a message that says "HERE ARE MY MUSICS!"

We want to avoid: "Here's this guy, here's his videos." Context! Why is this work relevant, why should people be interested, educated, humiliated, deified? How does it fit into a particular subculture, or history? There are so many angles you can take. Make it interesting in 500-1000 words, and you'll be up there.

If it's material that you have already produced, feel free to send it to me for consideration. If it is something you want to do, email me a pitch before bothering to put in the time to create it. I may ask for samples of past work before giving a final decision.

In posting the material on our site, you retain all ownership of your material, and will recieve a credit (supposing you provide a short bio) with a linkback. This is at this time a promotion only project.

Questions, comments, submissions: email me at

We will continue to take further submissions after our launch so don't hesitate to contact me afterwards.

James Curcio
sn. editor


  1. 23 skidoo!

    seems interesting...

  2. I am on my way out in to the night of town now to seek out contributable material. White wine, late hours, long hours and a camera shall have to suffice.

  3. Huh, Somehow I knew my time gloriously stoned reading Transmetropolitan would land me something...
    I wrote for an indipendant music magazine in Oxford UK for a bit, almost destroyed my studies I loved it so much. Could I send something I had published on to you? And if my words bore you to tears maybe my bands music at ( might do the same?

  4. Feel free to submit material to the email provided in the post.

    Keep in mind for band submissions, we need more than just a link to your bands website. We need either a solid article, or a good reason why we should put in the time to develop one. ;)



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