Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bedtime Stories With The Antichrist -- Casting Call

We're ready to start taking submissions for episode #2. As some of you may not be familiar, I wanted to clarify some things.

For this episode, I want to take a back seat on the production of media. Most of the previous shows we've done - Bedtime Stories or Word Salad, has been about 70% music from side projects I've worked on, and 30% submitted material.

For this one I pretty much want to be the curator, and the go between for us to get it up on greylodge, which gets a tremendous amount of traffic- and more and more every day. The first Bedtime stories episode as you probably know has gotten thousands of downloads in a day on a couple occasions. If you haven't listened to it you should - it's a good show and sets the tone for the shows we'll be doing in the future.

However, I also don't want to just re-produce the same show over and over again. In terms of theme for voice overs and sketches I'm leaning towards parody, the extreme and absurd. Ideally parodies should make a point in the process of poking fun at something or casting it in an ironic light-- but if it makes me laugh like crazy and doesn't make a point, I don't give a damn. Also as a hint, I'm prone to favor fake commercials and mockumentries. (If in the process of doing a fake advertisement you backhandedly pimp something of your own in the process, all the better! Wu Tang killer bees style is encouraged.)

In terms of music submission I prefer stuff without vocals for soundtrack, beyond that I'll listen to all submissions. I will also consider stuff with vocals for the one or two spots I'll be making for just music running (debut/premieres) but for that stuff it'd best be good.

You have until this time next month to submit -- send me an email at james at joinmycult.org with a link to a posted file. If you can't post to FTP somewhere we may be able to work something out but I can't recieve huge file attachments.

Play ball.

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