Monday, February 13, 2006

Fas Ferox: World Walkthrough

Full promotion of this is pending the next version of the site going up, but for those of you who have been itching for this...

An in-depth introduction to Fas Ferox, a multimedia graphic novel with a mythological, sci-fi, cyber theme. In a post-apocalyptic near future, explore the five realms of the universe: Divinity, Spirit, the Physical, Underworld and Dream, while meeting modern manifestations of demigods who walk among us. This cutting-edge epic is a riveting wake-up call to the archetypes in each and every one of us. Introduction by Neil Gaiman.

Creative Consultant: Neil Gaiman; Author: Jason Stackhouse; Co-Author/Creative Director: James Curcio; Creator/Producer: Anna Young; Associate Producer/Muse: Kal Masunari; various Artists including: Edson Campos.

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