Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Production Updates

Chasing The Wish - The first comic release will be sometime between January and March. We have most of the initial pages for that span completed and are in the process of final tweaking, the variable release date is a result more of the printing end than the production end. I have posted many of these pages in web format for you to peruse-- I hope as I have discovered with PDFs this is an incentive for you to get the physical thing to hold in your hands, rather than a replacement for it. However don't look at too many of these pages if you care about spoilers. (Not that we reveal too much yet, we're too early in the plotline.)

Babalon - I re-gained access to one of my old hard drives, which contains a couple recordings of Babalon live performances, demos (released and unreleased), and jams. This'll include live versions of Descent, Orange County Spectacular, Waiting, Burn It Down, and a studio version of Save The World, as well as a jam or two.

I'm going to be re-mastering them based on the better skill(Z) and applications I've acquired in the interum. Most of these tracks are not studio releases, so they aren't as pristine as I would like, but you also get certain elements in live performances that you'll never hear. Some of us have since gone on to work on other, interesting music projects (Scott with Collide and a couple other acts, myself with Elektroworx and subQtaneous), so I think it provides some good background material... Ultimately, I want to get it out there so I can free up all these gigs of space on these hard drives!

They'll be released cheaply through A link will be provided here to get a copy as soon as it completed.

Elektroworx - the first album was completed a couple months ago, we've started work on a second album and are looking for a publisher/label for the first release. More information, or the band can be contactedhere as well as the site.

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