Friday, August 09, 2013

The Absence of Myth

"Now you know the key of mythology, and are free to unlock all the gates of the unconscious psyche." But then something whispered within me, "Why open all gates?" And promptly the question arose of what, after all, I had accomplished. I had explained the myths of peoples of the past; I had written a book about the hero, the myth in which man has always lived. But in what myth does man live nowadays?  
In the Christian myth, the answer might be, "do you live in it?" I asked myself. To be honest, the answer was no. For me, it is not what I live by. "Then do we no longer have any myth?" "No, evidently we no longer have any myth." "But then what is your myth--the myth in which you do live?" At this point the dialogue with myself became uncomfortable, and I stopped thinking. 
I had reached a dead end. -Jung.

The absence of myth is also a myth: the coldest, the purest, the only true myth. - Bataille. 

What is your myth?

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