Tuesday, August 27, 2013


People are always eager to share their opinions. We have so many of them, after all. There are a few problems, though. Each person's opinion contradicts the next, if you actually bother to listen. What's worse, we have the strongest opinion about what we know the least about. What's worse, those opinions are often wrong. What's worse, those opinions are sometimes right.

This is why it's best to listen to no one, least of all yourself.

I could give examples of course, but you don't need me to. We all know what I mean.

And all those opinions, all that noise paints the darkness blind with its racket.

Many nights I want to disappear completely, opinions first- like toes first into a cold pool. The problem is that a disappearance like that would lend itself to all kinds of crazy opinions- he was whisked off by the NSA with a bag over his head for holding all those dangerous opinions; no, it was a drug overdose, one day his heart just gave out-- on and on. That's the noise I was talking about, the noise that covers our silent obscurity, our anonymity, our loneliness.

I think our opinions are our primary enemy against the forgetfulness of death. That's why everyone is so emphatic about them.

I could be wrong. That's just an opinion.

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