Friday, June 07, 2013

Yahulu? - What Had Happened Was #15

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What Had Happened Was is a grumpyhawk collective podcast co-hosted by grumpyhawk (that would be me) and Benjamin Combs. In this "week-in-review style" show, we cover and comment on stories with a tech, science, weird, or strange sort of angle. Visit to see and hear more from the collective.

In this episode, grumpyhawk and Benjamin Combs are discussing another potential Yahoo purchase, Xbox One Kinect concerns, more incorrect DMCA notices, Pandora getting on board with releasing music early, a WTF moment in North Carolina, and a report that the Japanese prime ministers house is, in fact, not haunted. All on this episode, "Yahulu?"

Show Notes:

  1. Yahoo reportedly bids up to $800-million for Hulu
  2. Microsoft Kinect TV Monitoring awards achievements for watching ads
  3. Hollywood studios want Google to censor
  4. North Carolina ban bill would prevent unfair competition with car manufacturers
  5. Pandora premieres channel streams pre-release albums
  6. Japanese government unaware of ghosts at prime ministers official residence

Other Mentions:

Again, huge thanks to Makeup and Vanity Set for allowing us to use Quadra IV off of 7.25.2148.

[Where is the fucking counterculture? Mythos Media.]

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